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Promotional Storm-proof umbrella W4V4213

(Black, Navy Blue)
Manufactured in Polyester 210T with many colours to choose from group which offers an affordable Storm-proof vented umbrella also with logo printing options for a final look on your trade shows.Your brand may be shown onto this gadget's imprint zone....

Storm-proof umbrella,Navy Blue,Black,W4V4213,Umbrellas
Black Navy Blue

Promotional Shoehorn with sponge W4V7910

(White, Black)
Made from PP and sponge an affordable and stylish variety including a truly unique and trendy Shoehorn with sponge to polish shoes available in one colour and with a logo print services for a final look on your promotional events.Logo imprint or de....

Shoehorn with sponge,White,Black,W4V7910,Kitchen
White Black

Promotional Briefcase for laptop W4V2467

An attractive list which offers a perfect Briefcase with padded compartment for laptop, drawstring bag manufactured to the highest of standards from Leather available in one colour also with logo printing options for the best finish on trade show....

Briefcase for laptop,Black,W4V2467,Laptop Bags

Promotional Usb lamp, usb hub W4V3574

(White, Black, Red, Blue)
A very popular and great mixture which has a budget Flexible USB 2,0 lamp, 5 LED lights, hub with 4 ports, on/off button manufactured from PVC available in one colour and with Padprint personalisation techniques to carry your logo on trade shows.This....

Usb lamp, usb hub,Blue,White,Black,Red,W4V3574,USB & Tech Items
White Black Red Blue

Promotional Inflatable beach mattress donut W4V9697

Variety introducing a popular and stylish produced from PVC Inflatable beach mattress "donut" available in one colour and with Screenprint brand application to display logo or message on promotional events.The item's print zone continually is more th....

Inflatable beach mattress donut,White,W4V9697,Beach & Outdoor Items

Promotional Keyring W4V9894

(White, Black, Red, Yellow, Light Green, Blue)
A recommended variety which promotes a value for money Keyring with metal badge manufactured from metal and silicone available in one colour also with logo printing options for a final look on marketing campaigns.Slogan or message or insignia can be....

Keyring,Light Green,Yellow,Blue,Black,White,Red,W4V9894,Keyrings & Keyfobs
White Black Red Yellow Light Green Blue
from: £1.01

Promotional Magnetic bottle opener W4V7533

(White, Black, Navy Blue, Red, Orange)
Set including a great Magnetic bottle opener crafted in Plastic ABS accessible in a collection of standard colours and with Full Colour up to 8cm2 personalisation techniques for a final look on trade shows.This product's printing zone on numerous occ....

Magnetic bottle opener,Black,Navy Blue,White,Red,Orange,W4V7533,Bottle Openers
White Black Navy Blue Red Orange

Promotional Candle holder W4V9513

(White, Red)
Made from glass collection introducing a customer personalised Decorated candle holder with tea light, wrapped in transparent foil with red ribbon with many colours to choose from and with branding techniques for the best finish on promotional actio....

Candle holder,White,Red,W4V9513,Xmas Items
White Red
from: £0.55

Promotional COB LED light W4V8751

(Black, Red, Light Green, Blue)
A spot-on set which comprises must have Light with powerful red and white COB LED lights, strong magnets connected by silicon strap used material is ABS and metal obtainable in a list of different colours and with printing services to carry your log....

COB LED light,Black,Red,Light Green,Blue,W4V8751,Torches & LED
Black Red Light Green Blue
from: £1.16

Welcome to Water4fish. The leader in promotional items' supply.

We have been present on the British market for nearly 10 years now and we look forward to what is ahead of us. We hope that you have some time to explore our site.
It has been created for you to deliver the best and the most attractive personalised products that you can think of.

What do we do?

Some people call them branded merchandise, others marketing gadgets, you may call it with another name. No matter what term you use, their purpose will remain unchanged.
Customised products have always been supporting marketing campaigns, increasing recognition and creditability among the public and business leads.

How can you use such promotional products?

Promotional items are perfect for any events and meetings if you wish to advertise your brand, your company, your service.
They are also perfect giveaways and prizes for your clients and customers. So far we have been trusted by numerous City Councils across the UK, banks and other financial institutions, big companies, small enterprises, schools, cloth or shoe shops.
It is likely that you look at products made by Water4fish everyday.

Branded USB pendrives, keyrings with logo, pens, customised mugs or personalised t-shirts are everywhere around you. It is possible that they were made by us.

Who are we?

Water4fish is a group of enthusiasts who believe in what they do. We want to deliver the best products across the UK and the EU not only in terms of the branding, but first of all in terms of their quality.
If our products are the best in the market, no one will be looking for them any further, anywhere else. And we are proud of the quality of our products and the customer service we provide.

You will find over 4,000 printable products in our shop. It has been categorised for your convenience.
You can either use the tabs in the main menu to be taken to the selected area or use our search which has been designed the way to give you the most accurate results.

We hope that you will enjoy your shopping with us.

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  • What are promotional items?
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  • Promotional Products

Promotional items or promotional products as they are also known as, are objects used by companies as usually distributed for free among their customers and during marketing events.

Promotional products are considered to be the best and the most effective logo carriers. Various products can be chosen. Any business can benefit from using promotional items. You will find promotional pens, promotional clothing, promotional mugs and thousand of other items with us.

Some people call them branded merchandise, others know them as marketing gadgets, you may call it with another name. No matter what term you use, their purpose will remain unchanged.

Customized products have always been supporting marketing campaigns, increasing recognition and creditability among the public and business leads.

  • Mugs


    Promotional mugs are very popular items.

    Please visit and discover the category with mugs, cups and various sets of china, plastic or thermal mugs. Don't forget about your logo on them.

  • Pens


    Pens are the most popular promo items.

    Find out why. Take time choosing perfect pens for your brand. They will be widely used do make sure the impression is unique.

  • USB Items

    USB Items

    Here is the place online where we gathered USB and tech promo items.

    These popular products are great logo carriers and your company will be remembered as the one whose promotional items are not the same gadgets as anywhere else.

  • Umbrellas


    It cannot be argued that these are promo items of high utility.

    Especially with British weather when the only thing certain is that it is going to rain. Choose best items in terms of shapes, sizes and colours and enjoy your marketing actions with promotional umbrellas.

  • Keyrings


    Welcome to the category of promotional keyrings where everybody stays longer than they had planned initially.

    Number and variety of products available here won't let you leave empty handed. Keyrings are the key to succesfull brand promotion.

  • Phone accessories

    Phone accessories

    Promotional mobile phone accessories is a wide category of anything that can be used with a smatrtphone or a tablet.

    Take your time to choose best utems to carry your logo as they are highly popular giveaways.

  • Bags and suitcases

    Bags and suitcases

    Take a look at the best choice of promotional bags available.

    We deliver all types of them including backpacks, laptop bags, wallets, cooler bags or conference folders. Take a look yourself and choose your perfect giveaway.

  • Office and Business

    Office and Business

    Welcome to the place where all types and kind of business and office promo items have been gathered.

    Your marketing campaigns will get new colours with promotional items from this category. Your logo will surely be remembered.

Promotional items are perfect for all types of events and meetings if you wish to advertise your brand, your company, your service, your message.

Normally they are distributed free or added to a purchase. They are also used as prizes and awards in competitions or as tokens of appreciation. They are perfect logo carriers, like bags for instance, which generate more impressions than any other promotional product.

What printing techniques are available for promotional products?

Promotional items are printable. Any company can use such items to put their logo on them. Several printing methods can be used. We use various printing techniques in order to improve your business recognition. Here is what you can choose from to have your promotional items branded:

- laser engraving - allows to apply a very precise shape of your logo directly onto the surface of the product. It is commonly used for all metal elements and leaves permanent impression of style and good taste.

- screen printing - the most common and widely used technique.

- dye sublimation - - sublimation ink is applied onto product's surface.

- pad printing - very popular for rounded objects such as pens.

Do promotional products work?

Yes they do! Top reasons why are:

- they are useful

- they are attractive

- they are informative

- they are desirable

- they are sentimental

- they are fun

Statistics also show that:

- 8 in 10 customers own a promotional product

- 53% of the time, promotional products create a more favorable impression of the advertiser

- 48% of customers would like to receive promotional products more often

- Customers hang on to promotional products for an average of 6.6 months

- 69% of customers would pick up a promotional products if they deemed it useful

- 63% of customers pass along the promo items they no longer wish to keep

- 76% of customers can recall the product, advertiser and message of a promo item they'd receive in the last two years

- 91% of customers have at least one promotional item in their kitchen

- 77% of customers say a promo items' usefulness is the number 1 reason to keep it

- 47% of people keep promotional products for a year or more