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Welcome to Water4fish. The leader in promotional items' supply.

We have been present on the British market for nearly 10 years now and we look forward to what is ahead of us. We hope that you have some time to explore our site.
It has been created for you to deliver the best and the most attractive personalised products that you can think of.

What do we do?

Some people call them branded merchandise, others marketing gadgets, you may call it with another name. No matter what term you use, their purpose will remain unchanged.
Customised products have always been supporting marketing campaigns, increasing recognition and creditability among the public and business leads.

How can you use such promotional products?

Promotional items are perfect for any events and meetings if you wish to advertise your brand, your company, your service.
They are also perfect giveaways and prizes for your clients and customers. So far we have been trusted by numerous City Councils across the UK, banks and other financial institutions, big companies, small enterprises, schools, cloth or shoe shops.
It is likely that you look at products made by Water4fish everyday.

Branded USB pendrives, keyrings with logo, pens, customised mugs or personalised t-shirts are everywhere around you. It is possible that they were made by us.

Who are we?

Water4fish is a group of enthusiasts who believe in what they do. We want to deliver the best products across the UK and the EU not only in terms of the branding, but first of all in terms of their quality.
If our products are the best in the market, no one will be looking for them any further, anywhere else. And we are proud of the quality of our products and the customer service we provide.

You will find over 4,000 printable products in our shop. It has been categorised for your convenience.
You can either use the tabs in the main menu to be taken to the selected area or use our search which has been designed the way to give you the most accurate results.

We hope that you will enjoy your shopping with us.

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Mauro Conti power bank,W4V4851, from:
Mauro Conti power bank 3500 mAh, USB output 5V 2.1 and 1.0A, 4 diodes indicating power level, pouch and micro USB cable included, packed in gift box
(Red, Gold)
Safety reflector on carabiner clip,W4V5552,Torches & LED from:
Safety reflector on carabiner clip with 3 light functions: constant, medium and fast flashing
(White, Red)
Multifunctional tool,W4V7745,Tools & Knives from:
Multifunctional tool, 9 functions, supplied in pouch with belt loop, includes 1 big pliers, sharp pointed pocket knife, Philips and flat headed screwdriver, knife with two hooks, file, flat headed screwdriver, small sharp hook and small scissors
Paper bag,W4V6623,Wine & Party

Paper bag 2-el.
(Burgundy, Beige)
Measuring tape 8 m,W4V5732,Rulers & Measure Tapes from:
Measuring tape 8 m
Flexical - solar calculator,W4F0526,Calculators from:
8 digit solar calculator with soft and flexible silicone keypad.

(Black, Blue, Orange, invisible, Lime Green)
Ceramic cup,W4M1839,Mugs - China & Plastic

Ceramic cup with a capacity of 300ml and coloured outer part in many nice colours.
(Black, Blue, Red, Yellow)
Swimming cap ,W4V7651,Beach & Outdoor Items

Swimming cap
(White, Black, Navy Blue, Red)
Lanyard ,W4V4779,Lanyards & Neckbelts

(White, Black, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue)
nice one!
- October 2013
good product for all shoppers
- January 2013
the pens look amazing. The box makes great effect with my logo. I hadn't expected it to be so good
- June 2014
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