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Promotional Highlighter Pens

Make use of promotional highlighters

What are highlighter pens for?
It is easy. They are for highlighting the most important bits and pieces in any text. Of course they might be used for any other puropse, even children can use them for drawing and colouring. We present our selection of promo highlighter pens below. We are certain that you will find those which reflect your brnad's specifics especially provided that they are available in numerous shapes, sizes and colours...

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Promotional Highlighter W4V1739

(Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Light Blue)
A truly interesting variety containing a truly unique and useful Highlighter manufactured to the highest standards from PP with many colours to choose from also with branding techniques for the best finish on your promotional actions.This gadget was ....

Highlighter,,Light Blue,Pink,Orange,Yellow,Green,W4V1739,Highlighter Pens
Green Orange Yellow Pink Light Blue
from: £0.11


Promotional Highlighter syringe W4V1523

(Yellow, Light Green, Pink)
Manufactured from Plastic accessible in a range of different colours selection of an impressive Highlighter / text marker "syringe" and with Padprint brand application for a final look during conferences.This product typically is in demand by almost....

Highlighter syringe,Multicolour,Yellow,Pink,W4V1523,Highlighter Pens
Yellow Light Green Pink

Promotional Highlighter W4V1512

(Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Blue, Pink)
Produced from Plastic offered in a set of different colours with class collection of Highlighter / text marker and with a logo print services to carry your logo on exhibitions.Slogan or message applied onto product's printing section at times needs ....

Highlighter,Multicolour,Yellow,Light Green,Pink,Blue,Orange,W4V1512,Highlighter Pens
Orange Yellow Light Green Blue Pink
from: £0.32


Promotional 6 ink mini ballpen W4V1480

(Navy Blue, Red, Yellow)
Manufactured to the highest of standards from Plastic ABS with many colours to choose from an extraordinary collection which offers a popular Mini ballpen, 6 ink colours and with logo printing options for a final look on marketing campaigns.Your bra....

6 ink mini ballpen,Multicolour,Red,Navy Blue,Yellow,W4V1480,Highlighter Pens
Navy Blue Red Yellow

Promotional 3 colours Highlighter W4V1514

(White, Black)
Manufactured to the highest standards from Plastic available in one colour range which has a useful Highlighter / text marker, 3 colours also with Full Colour up to 16cm2 brand application to promote your brand on your marketing campaigns.This merch....

3 colours Highlighter,Black,White,W4V1514,Highlighter Pens
White Black

Promotional Graffiti street chalk W4V1552

An outstanding range containing Graffiti street chalk, 6 colours made from Chalk and Paper available in one colour and with Padprint printing services for a final look on trade shows.This gadget's printing zone commonly is more than abundant for....

Graffiti street chalk,Neutral,W4V1552,Highlighter Pens

Promotional Marker, cleaner W4V2290

(White, Navy Blue)
Crafted in ABS with many colours to choose from batch which includes a truly unique and trendy CD pen, cleaner, 4-in-1 also with logo printing options for the best finish on exhibitions.This merchandise usually is popular among firm or venture to g....

Marker, cleaner,Navy Blue,White,W4V2290,Highlighter Pens
White Navy Blue

Promotional Light bulb highlighter W4V1580

Crafted in Plastic ABS a modern and popular variety introducing Highlighter / marker "light bulb" available in one colour also with Padprint brand application to apply your logo on exhibitions.This gadget in the last few months was obtained by Offi....

Light bulb highlighter,White,W4V1580,Highlighter Pens

Promotional Highlighter/marker flower W4V1531

Manufactured from Plastic set which offers a fantastic Highlighter / text marker "flower" contains the colours of blue, green, yellow, orange and pink available in one colour and with Full Colour up to 16cm2 personalisation techniques for a final lo....

Highlighter/marker flower,Neutral,W4V1531,Highlighter Pens

Promotional Highlighter hand W4V1327

An attractive collection containing manufactured from plastic Highlighter / text marker "hand" 5 colours available in one colour also with Padprint branding techniques to carry your logo during trade shows.Your logo positioned on product's imprint se....

Highlighter hand,Multicolour,W4V1327,Highlighter Pens

Promotional Writing set in case W4V1314

With class set including Writing set in plastic case, pencil, text marker and three ball pens with caps that indicate the ink colour produced from ABS available in one colour also with logo printing options for a final look on your conferences.This p....

Writing set in case,White,W4V1314,Highlighter Pens

Promotional Markers W4V1646

Manufactured from ABS and Plastic must have mixture which involves a popular and stylish Set of gel markers, 3 colours, stand for mobile phone or tablet, screen cleaner available in one colour and with logo printing options to apply your logo durin....

Markers,Multicolour,W4V1646,Highlighter Pens
from: £1.39


Promotional Markers W4V1645

Offered in a group of a logo print services for a final look on your promotional actions also with one colour a well-accepted Set of gel markers in triangle shaped holder, 3 colours manufactured to the highest standards from ABS and Plastic.This ga....

Markers,Multicolour,W4V1645,Highlighter Pens
from: £1.41


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great set
German from Dewsbury
very stylish and elegany, logo looks good
Nancey from Barrow-in-Furness
very practicla solution with the bag, I had it printed
Marnie from Sheringham

Where to get best promotional highlighters?

Another easy question to be answered. Water4Fish is the best place for any promo products, including highlighters with logo. Such products are very popular becouse they are practical and inexpensive. What is more, we offer them in various sets and combinations so that every company could find something just right for their purposes. As you can see above there are numerous products which can meet your expectations. When you add professional service, top quality marterials and short delivery time, there is no other choice that to go for the products available with us.

Right! As you have decided which products to buy, how many of them and what they should be made of, there is just one more step to be taken before we process your order and dispatch it to you.
Please choose the printing technique you would like to have used for your items. You can go for either dye sublimation, screen printing or pad printing.
If you have decided to order products made of metal you have this unique chance to order them with your logo laser engraved.

Does Promotional Highlighter Pens' price on our website have all charges displayed?

Every commercial enterprise setting a date for promotional events every so often is in need of a small quantity order instead of buying a larger one and would like to have a selection of all options of brand application which can be different or be not available at all but on numerous occasions is the same.

Our selection of Highlighter Pens frequently can be offered in below minimum quantity but if you need a slogan or a logo printing your final price may be higher due to minimum charge which which rarely renders your final single piece price unattractive that is the reason it is advisable getting extra selection of quotes in particular for more than minimum order to help you to make a decision.

Allow us choose an ideal way to go for and do not hesitate to call our specialists on 0203 3972 172 or email on info@w4fish.uk to receive an appropriate price designed to your requirements.

Here in water4fish we have no hidden price term this is the reason whichever final price to pay is given to customers their price can't be changed even after the prices increase and the end price for printed merchandise is formed of item price preparation charge and depending on the type of branding printing application price.

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