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Promotional Inflatable items

Personalise those promotional inflatable items

What are promotional inflatable items?
If you are looking for a nice change in your marketing campaigns or you have just planned an event for kids, promotional inflatable items might be what you are after. They will surely bring a lot of fun and good time on board, no matter what they are. All products available here are just great for summertime when there are a lot of outdoor events. But they can be just as good for closed office parties, even when it is snowing outside. Inflatable items are not only very affordable but also deflated can fit any envelope or parcel and do not take much space. Weight is also an important factor as it makes a significant savings on transportation costs...

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(White, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Silver) To promote your brand during trade shows pick from an attractive diversity which comprises Inflatable beach ball available in a collection of colours manufactured to the highest standards from PVC.This Beach ball was in the past few days acquired by....
Beach ball,Orange,Silver,Green,Pink,White,Yellow,Blue,Red,W4V9650,Inflatable items from: £0.48
(Black, Navy Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple) Group of a spot-on Inflatable beach ball made from PVC with many colours to choose from also with printing services to display logo or message on your marketing campaigns.This product offers print space of 50 x 130 mm where logo service or emblem....
Inflatable beach ball,Navy Blue,Green,Yellow,Red,W4V6338,Inflatable items from: £0.52
(Navy Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Pink) A modern variety containing produced from PVC Inflatable beach ball obtainable in a collection of colours and with logo printing options for the best finish on your promotional events.Branding or sign should be fit to totally utilise this product's i....
Inflatable beach ball,Red,Navy Blue,Green,Pink,Orange,W4V8675,Beach & Outdoor Items from: £0.56
(White) Accessible in a mixture of Screenprint branding techniques to display logo or message on your exhibitions and with one colour an outstanding Inflatable beach ball manufactured in PVC.Logo imprint or mark put on item's printing zone once in a while n....
Inflatable beach ball,White,W4V8616,Inflatable items from: £0.63
(White, Navy Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow) To promote your brand during exhibitions check a popular variety which highlights Inflatable sticks 2 pcs with many colours to choose from produced from PVC and with branding techniques.Slogan or message should be fit to go onto the item's print are....
Inflatable sticks,Red,Yellow,Orange,Navy Blue,White,W4V6426,Kids Promo Items from: £0.70
(White, Orange) Variety which involves a fresh and contemporary Inflatable beach ball "football" produced from PVC offered in a collection of colours also with Screen Transfer printing services for the best finish during exhibitions.Branding or motif should be fit t....
Beach ball,White,Orange,W4V6341,Inflatable items from: £0.77
(White, Navy Blue, Red, Yellow) Manufactured in PVC with many colours to choose from choice which has a classical Inflatable swimming armbands also with a logo print services to carry your logo during conferences.This Inflatable swimming armbands often is liked by partnership as a....
Inflatable swimming armbands,Red,Navy Blue,White,Yellow,W4V7683,Inflatable items from: £0.82
(White, Black, Navy Blue, Red) Available in a batch of printing services for the best finish on trade shows and with colours Inflatable beach ball manufactured in PVC.Your logo or coat of arms may be completely applied onto the product's print zone. This imprint area of 50 x 50 m....
Inflatable beach ball,Multicolour,Red,Navy Blue,White,Black,W4V7640,Inflatable items from: £0.86
(Navy Blue, Red, Orange, Blue, Grey) Accessible in a mixture of a logo print services to promote your brand on your marketing campaigns also with colours a fantastic and low cost Inflatable travel cushion produced from Velour.This merchandise was not long ago ordered by Media and Ente....
Inflatable travel cushion,Grey,Blue,Red,Navy Blue,W4V4701,Inflatable items from: £0.87
(Navy Blue, Red, Orange) Obtainable in a variety of Screenprint personalisation techniques for the best finish on marketing campaigns also with colours a value for money Inflatable beach mattress with cord manufactured in PVC.Your logo or design put on product's printing sp....
Inflatable beach mattress,Orange,Navy Blue,Red,W4V7693,Inflatable items from: £1.46
(Multicolour) For the best finish during conferences choose from a terrific mixture which offers an affordable Inflatable beach ball with globe print availabe in one colour used material is PVC 0 and 18 mm and with logo printing options.This promo product general....
Beach ball,Multicolour,W4V7817,Inflatable items from: £1.78
(White, White/Blue, White/Red) To carry your logo on exhibitions browse a great and affordable set introducing a designed Inflatable beach balll 28' with many colours to choose from manufactured to the highest of standards from PVC and with logo printing options.This item was lat....
Inflatable beach balll,White/Blue,White,White/Red,W4V8651,Inflatable items from: £2.23
(White, Navy Blue, Red, Orange) With class list which highlights made from PVC Classic inflatable beach mattress, special folding for easier printing with many colours to choose from also with Screenprint brand application to apply your logo on exhibitions.This gadget's print space....
Beach mattress,Navy Blue,Red,White,Orange,W4V8609,Inflatable items from: £4.15
(Navy Blue, Red, Orange) Manufactured to the highest standards from PVC with many colours to choose from diversity which involves an eye-catching and budget Inflatable beach chair, special folding for easier printing also with brand application to carry your logo on your pr....
Inflatable beach chair,Red,Navy Blue,Orange,W4V8610,Inflatable items from: £4.76
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fantastic product! the logo on the inside coin pocket is really cool
Chelsea from Street
Nice and cheap. thanks for good logo
Andres from Seaford

How to use inflatable items at events?

When you look at the products Water4Fish has prepared for you to choose from, you will soon realise that customised inflatable items are far more practical than they may seem in the beginning. Balls, pillows, mattresses are widely used. Such items are just perfect for "goodie bags" as they are light, don't take a lot of space and might be a wonderful surprise. Those inflatable items with logo can take different shapes, which makes them even more attractive when you think of kids.

Another thing which makes branded inflatable items a good idea when planning a marketing campaign is their price. If you are looking for something in bulk and want to have plenty of cheap giveaways those items should take a high position on your list of priorities. You can be sure they will be liked by all business partners, clients or fellow co-workers as those items are associated with fun. And is there anyone out there who doesn't like having good time?

The prices start at 10 Pence per item and goes up to even 10 Pounds, but the most expensive inflatable items are beach sets where all the best products are gathered into one. Such sets are highly appreciated by all clients who want to use them as prizes in competitions that have been organised. Such inflatable toy sets can be also considered as Christmas gifts for all kids of your employees.

If you place an order with Water4Fish you can choose the desired method of printing. It may happen in some rare cases that it won't be possible to print your logo using the method you have chosen, but don't worry. In such case our experienced staff will be happy to pick the best solution for your order.

What is the breakdown of Promotional Inflatable items price on our website?

Logo printing options can differ or be limited but usually is unchanged in a small quantity order. Planing trade shows almost every company or firm would like to have a selection of all options of branding techniques instead of getting order for a larger quantity therefore if you would choose to be supplied with a small quantity order we are here to help.

If it is down to printing a slogan or a logo for order in a low quantity there might be a small charge due to minimum charge which on the odd occasion this renders your final individual price per item not efficient although our list of Inflatable items ordinarily has an option to be sold in a low quantity this is the reason ( to help you come to a final decision ) it is better to consider different offered prices in particular for minimum quantity order.

Let us choose the alternative and give water4fish a ring on 0203 3972 172 or email on info@w4fish.uk to be presented with a proper price which will be created to meet your promotional plans.

Water4fish have no hidden charge policy this is the reason whichever quote is presented to customers their price is not going to be modified even after the prices are raised and generally B given to customers price for printed products embraces item's price screen charge and depending on the technique printing application price.