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Promotional Luggage Tags

Promote your business with promo luggage tags

What luggage tags can I get and should I use them as promo items?
Plastic or metal, black, white or multicolour, square or round, luminous or battery charged, deadly serious or deadly funny. This is what luggage tags can be. Something that appears to be boring and irrelevant is a proud member of promotional items' family. Didn't you expect that?..

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Promotional Soft PVC Luggage Tag W4F0370

Silicon Luggage Tags are available in a choice of colours,finishes and sizes. Complete with a standard name and address card inside. Available in 2D or 3D styles. Leadtime: 15-20 Days Available colours: Any Minimum order quantity: 100....

Soft PVC Luggage Tag,Transparent,W4F0370,Luggage Tags

Promotional Luggage tag W4V4751

(White, Black, Navy Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink)
A fantastic and low cost mixture which feature Luggage tag in the shape of a suitcase used material is Plastic ABS with many colours to choose from also with Doming up to 10cm2 printing services for a final look on your marketing campaigns.This promo....

Luggage tag,Pink,White,Orange,Navy Blue,Red,W4V4751,Luggage Tags
White Black Navy Blue Red Green Orange Yellow Pink
from: £0.14

Luggage tag

Promotional Luggage tag W4V4172

(White, Black, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Light Blue)
Created in Plastic with many colours to choose from a popular selection involving a modern Luggage tag, suitcase shaped also with logo printing options to apply your logo on your marketing campaigns.Logo imprint or insignia shown onto item's printin....

Luggage tag,Light Blue,Orange,Black,Red,White,W4V4172,Luggage Tags
White Black Red Green Orange Yellow Light Blue
from: £0.17

Luggage tag

Promotional Ski pass holder W4V6528

(Black, Red, Green, Blue)
An inexpensive variety which includes a magnificent manufactured to the highest standards from Metal and Plastic Ski pass holder offered in a mixture of colours and with logo printing options for the best finish during trade shows.This merchandise a....

Ski pass holder,Red,Black,Blue,Green,W4V6528,Luggage Tags
Black Red Green Blue

Promotional Luggage tag W4V4392

(Black, Red, Light Green, Grey, Light Blue)
Batch introducing a fantastic and useful Luggage tag with flexible string manufactured to the highest standards from silicon available in a choice of standard colours and with Screen Transfer above 50sq cm branding techniques to apply your logo on ex....

Luggage tag,Light Blue,Grey,W4V4392,Luggage Tags
Black Red Light Green Grey Light Blue
from: £0.28

Luggage tag

Promotional Ski pass holder W4V9907

(White, Black, Navy Blue, Red)
Created in ABS and PVC offered in a diversity of colours an eye-catching and budget mixture involving a trendy Ski pass holder with retractable cord approx, 75 cm and belt clip also with Padprint branding techniques for a final look on conferences.....

Ski pass holder,White,Black,Navy Blue,Red,W4V9907,Luggage Tags
White Black Navy Blue Red

Promotional Luggage tag / label W4V4308

(White, Black, Navy Blue, Red)
Manufactured to the highest standards from Plastic a super value collection introducing Luggage tag / label obtainable in a diversity of colours also with printing services to promote your brand on exhibitions.This promo product was not long ago bou....

Luggage tag / label,Red,Navy Blue,White,Black,W4V4308,Luggage Tags
White Black Navy Blue Red

Promotional Keyring, ski pass holder W4V6323

Crafted in Metal and plastic available in one colour group of a perfect Keyring, ski pass holder also with Padprint personalisation techniques to promote your brand on your promotional actions.The product's print area frequently is more than plenty....

Keyring, ski pass holder,White,W4V6323,Keyrings & Keyfobs

Promotional Cylindrical Travel padlock W4V9447

(Black, Silver)
Accessible in a diversity of Padprint personalisation techniques for the best finish during trade shows and with colours an affordable Cylindrical suitcase lock with digits used material is ABS and Metal.This gadget in many instances is relatively ....

Cylindrical Travel padlock,,Silver,Black,W4V9447,Luggage Tags
Black Silver

Promotional Safety tag W4V4401

(Red, Orange, Yellow)
Set which introduces a classical Safety tag (for promotional use only) manufactured in PVC with many colours to choose from also with logo printing options to carry your logo on your trade shows.This Safety tag was in the past few months purchased by....

Safety tag,Yellow,Red,Orange,W4V4401,Luggage Tags
Red Orange Yellow
from: £0.43

Safety tag

Promotional Luggage tag smiling face W4V8937

Made from silicone a fantastic and useful selection which involves Luggage tag "smiling face" with many colours to choose from also with Padprint brand application for the best finish on your marketing campaigns.The gadget's imprint space in many ca....

Luggage tag smiling face,,W4V8937,Luggage Tags

Promotional Luggage tag / label W4V4315

Manufactured to the highest standards from Aluminium a value for money variety containing Luggage tag / label available in one colour and with personalisation techniques to display logo or message on conferences.The gadget's print area on many occas....

Luggage tag / label,Silver,W4V4315,Luggage Tags

Promotional Safety reflector W4V6468

(White, Red)
Manufactured from Plastic a popular and stylish mixture involving Safety reflector with carabiner hook and permanent or flashing light with many colours to choose from also with logo printing options for a final look during marketing campaigns.This ....

Safety reflector,White,Red,W4V6468,Sports Items
White Red

Promotional Travel wallet/case W4V4052

(Black, Navy Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow)
A designed selection introducing used material is Polyester 600x300D Travel case available in a collection of colours and with Screen Transfer personalisation techniques to carry your logo during promotional events.This item almost always was ord....

Travel wallet/case,Navy Blue,Black,Orange,Yellow,Red,W4V4052,Wallets
Black Navy Blue Red Orange Yellow

Promotional Travel wallet W4V4782

(Black, Navy Blue, Red, Blue, Beige)
To display logo or message during conferences get one from made from Polyester 300D a spot-on set including a customer personalised Travel wallet with numerous compartments for documents with many colours to choose from also with Screen Transfer pri....

Travel wallet,Navy Blue,Beige,W4V4782,Wallets
Black Navy Blue Red Blue Beige
from: £1.43

Travel wallet

Promotional Luggage scales W4V8680

(White, Navy Blue, Red, Yellow)
Produced from Plastic and Polyester with many colours to choose from a designed collection which highlights a great and affordable Luggage scales also with Padprint brand application to carry your logo on your conferences.This promo product almost ....

Luggage scales,Navy Blue,Red,Yellow,White,W4V8680,Luggage Tags
White Navy Blue Red Yellow
from: £3.39

Luggage scales

Promotional Luggage scales W4V4951

Manufactured from ABS and Polyester diversity which introduces an amazing Digital luggage scales with on/off button and wrist strap available in one colour also with branding techniques to carry your logo on trade shows.This promo product in many i....

Luggage scales,Black,W4V4951,Luggage Tags
from: £3.76

Luggage scales

Promotional Mauro Conti luggage tag W4V4804

(Black, Brown)
An active set which promotes a useful used material is Exclusive Leather Luggage hanger made of high quality natural leather with many colours to choose from also with branding techniques to display logo or message on conferences.Slogan or message or....

Mauro Conti luggage tag,Brown,Black,W4V4804,Luggage Tags
Black Brown
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no stress now at my office,everybody squeez
Willodean from Saltash
wonderful, thank you for precise logo printing
Mendy from Southend-on-Sea
looks good, hope my customers will like
Alexa from Boston

Why are promotional luggage tags helpful in brand promotion?

If you haven't ever consider customised luggage tags as you marketing items it is high time you start thinking about them seriously. Your competitors have and they have already been taking advantage of sending their logo to the most distant regions of the UK as well as abroad.

Promotional luggage tags are perfect items for travel agents and all types of business depending on actual travelling. Don't underestimate the effect they make and the number of people they reach. These are aren't just people the bag passes, people at the airport. These are also airport staff and those who will see the luggage tag when the traveller reaches their destination. In the category which is designed just for the baggage tags with logo we have plenty choice to satisfy even the most demanding buyers.

If you thought that luggage tags are boring you definitely need to take another look at them, but this time think in different categories. Please notice how outstanding they can be, what shapes and uses they can take and what can you do with them. We sincerely hope that you will not remain ambivalent to some other bits and bobs available in this category. We mean the padlocks for suitcases. They are highly practical giveaways and they will be appreciated by everyone who receives them. When you place your logo on them, you can only increase the recognition of your brand. Please note that metal items, like the padlocks, can be laser engraved, which brings us to the final conclusion...

... Here, at Water4Fish, we use different printing techniques. Regardless the products you have decided to go for in order to improve your business recognition, you can choose one of the printing methods we offer. Here is what you can choose from:
- laser engraving which allows to apply a very precise shape of your logo directly onto the surface of the product. It is commonly used for all metal products such as pens and leaves permanent engraving along with permanent impression of style and good taste.
- screen printing which is the most common and widely used technique.
- dye sublimation by means of which you can apply sublimation ink onto products.

How no minimum order Promotional Luggage Tags with Water4Fish UK affects the price?

Every firm setting a date for promotional actions sometimes is in need of a small quantity order rather than going for a larger one and would like to have a selection of all options of personalisation techniques which could differ or be not offered at all but often is unchanged.

If you must have printing a slogan or a logo for order with no minimum you may have to pay a one-off amount as a result of set minimum which sporadically this renders your solo unit price too expensive although our recommended set of Luggage Tags normally can be ordered in a low number quantity that is why ( to help you come to a final decision ) we always encourage viewing other offered options as like for order greater than minimum.

Do not hesitate to contact us on 0203 3972 172 or email on info@w4fish.uk to be presented with the best quote tailored to implement your promotional marketing actions and allow us discuss a preferable alternative.

The end price for personalised products is composed of single price per unit screen charge and depending on the type of branding print application price and we have no hidden charge policy therefore whichever price to pay is presented to our customers their price can't be altered even after in the meantime the prices rise.

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