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Promotional Mouse mats & Promotional Coasters

Promotional mouse pads and coasters

What are promotional mouse mats and branded coasters used for?
Branded mousemats are a great idea if you want to advertise your company among offices, companies and institutions. Technically it means that everybody needs them and will be happy if they receive one. Mousemats are highly practical, aesthetic, especially if you buy the good quality gel ones. You must also know that even if you use mousemats with logo for a professional marketing campaign, most of them will end up at homes of people who got them. Why? Simply because they will use it at home, too, so don't hesitate when you order them. You will need a decent number to make everyone happy. You should be glad about them too, as these promotional products have large printing surface and if you decide to put all the details of your company onto it, you can be certain that you won't remain unnoticed neither at homes nor in the large and busy offices...

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Create a buzz about your event, conference, exhibition or party! Liquid invites are sure to be noticed and kept long after the event is over. Designs can be screen printed above or below the liquids. Make sure your message stands out from the crowd; ....
Aqua Invite,W4F0381,Mousemats & Coasters

Aqua Invite

Call 4
The business card with a difference - promote yourself and your brand with a liquid filled business card! A great ice breaker to impress new clients! Choose your own liquid colours with the added option of inserts and glitter. A promotional product t....
Aqua Business Card,W4F0382,Mousemats & Coasters Call 4
Batch which comprises an affordable Mug coasters set, 4 pcs created in polyester availabe in one colour and with Screen Transfer up to 50sq cm printing services to apply your logo on your trade shows.Your brand rested on gadget's printing space once ....
Mug coasters,W4V7547,Xmas Items

Mug coasters

Batch which feature a top selling crafted in Specially formulated Soft and cling. High quality coaster made from specially formulated, soft, cling material, Available in a variety of colours, Leadtime: 3-5 days from proof approval Minimum or....
SoftMat™ Coaster,W4F0479,Mousemats & Coasters from:
(Navy Blue, Orange)
An incredible collection including Mouse pad with special place for notepad created in EVA and metal offered in a variety of different colours and with Padprint personalisation techniques to carry your logo on trade shows.This item was of late obtai....
Mouse pad,W4V2419,Mousemats & Coasters

Mouse pad

Attractive coaster with full colour printed insert. Non drip rim protects your desk from tea stains. Made from high quality, scratch resistant materials. Leadtime: 5-7 days from proof approval Minimum order quantity: 100 Available colours: ....
Acrylic Round Coaster 95mm,W4F0476,Mousemats & Coasters from:
Welded mouse mat with a clear liftable flap fixed along one edge to create a printed hinge and a large available space for the user to insert their own favourite photo' or information leaflet. Using a promotional mat keeps your message in prime posit....
Armadillo See Thru' Mat,W4F0495,Mousemats & Coasters from:
Set which highlights a customised manufactured to the highest standards from PVC Novelty liquid filled coasters available with your choice of liquid colour, Add glitter or any colour liquid, Minimum order quantity: 250 availabe in one colour al....
Aqua Coaster,W4F0512,Mousemats & Coasters

Aqua Coaster

Popular and effective advertising tool! Sets comprise one SmartMat and two matching coasters. SmartMats™ are low-cost and paper laminated, providing razor sharp print and bright, colourful images. Using a promotional mat keeps your message in p....
SmartMat™ & Coaster Set,W4F0501,Mousemats & Coasters from:
Keyboard wristrest made from non-slip soft foam extremely comfortable! Smooth top layer allows for a sharp print and provides a durable non-fraying edge. 3 different sizes available. This product can be treated with our patent protected, fully certif....
AntiBug™ Wristrest,W4F0510,Mousemats & Coasters from:
Make your data stand out from the crowd! Liquid filled CD Pocket to hold 1 CD, available with or without a flap. Choose your own liquid colours which can be pantone matched if necessary and add inserts and glitter for extra impact. A promotional prod....
Aqua CD Pocket,W4F0478,Mousemats & Coasters

Aqua CD Pocket

The HardTop mat is the best selling mousemat in Europe! Stunning colour reproduction with spot or full colour graphics. Everlasting under surface print bonded to a high quality foam base. Suitable for all kinds of mice. Lasts much longer than paper l....
AntiBug™ HardTop MouseMat,W4F0491,Mousemats & Coasters from:
Precision SoftMat are high quality, low cost mouse mats providing 100% optical performance with superb lay-flat qualities and user comfort. Choose from a selection of standard shapes. Coasters and matching sets also available. Mouse mats are useful a....
Precision SoftMat™,W4F0503,Mousemats & Coasters from:
High quality, low cost mouse mat! Great for mailings. Full colour print onto PVC and laminated to a grey base material. Coasters and matching sets also available. Using a promotional mat keeps your message in prime position on your clients desk. S....
ColourSoft Mat,W4F0490,Mousemats & Coasters

ColourSoft Mat

Popular and effective advertising tool! Sets comprise one HardTop mat and two matching coasters. HardTops provide everlasting under surface print bonded to a high quality foam base. Mouse mats are useful and long lasting; why not gain extra life by a....
HardTop Mat & Coaster Set,W4F0494,Mousemats & Coasters from:
SoftMat surface with a wedge shaped piece of foam at one end providing a comfortable wrist support. Reduces user fatigue and the risk of repetitive strain injury. This product can be treated with our patent protected, fully certified AntiBug treatmen....
AntiBug™ SoftMatRest,W4F0511,Mousemats & Coasters from:
HardTop mat which allows the user to insert their favourite photograph via a clever slot cut into the foam backing. Mouse mats provide a prime advertising space for under 1p per day; no other advertising medium gives you such value. Leadtime: 5....
PhotoMat,W4F0509,Mousemats & Coasters


Welded mouse mat containing 2 or 3 non-mixing liquids. Creates an everlasting, stress relieving display. A selection of standard shapes are available. Coasters also available. Using a promotional mat keeps your message in prime position on your clien....
AquaMat™,W4F0487,Mousemats & Coasters


Obtainable in a group of a logo print services to promote your brand on promotional actions also with one colour Ergonomically shaped HardTop MatRest, Mouse mats feature a large print area for branding and promotional messages, Leadtime: 3-5 d....
HardTop MatRest™,W4F0492,Mousemats & Coasters from:
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Why should I go for promotional mouse mats and promotional coasters?

Personalised coasters are another group of products that Water4Fish has gathered in this category making it one. Why? Because both types of products share the same features and functionality, although coasters with logo will be made of different materials and will serve other purposes. They are also designed for another type of marketing actions and offices aren't necessarily the first target. If you are a company that deals with alcohol then all bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants are your natural goal and this is the perfect environment for customised coasters. However, if you want to promote, tea, coffee or simply anything else without even slightest drink association, then by all means, use the coasters to advertise yourself and don't limit the campaign to any environment or public's type.

Of course the biggest advantage of branded mousemats and customised coasters are their shapes, sizes and your flexibility in terms of placing your logo, slogans and contact details. You can be certain that both types of products will be in constant use and the demand for them will be constantly increasing, so it is worthwhile ordering such items in bulk just to be ready to hand them in any time such opportunity rises.

Please choose the printing technique you would like to have used for your items. Here is what you can go for:
- screen printing which is the most common and widely used technique.
- dye sublimation by means of which you can apply sublimation ink onto product's surface.
- pad printing which is very popular for rounded objects such as pens.

Does Water4Fish UK offer Promotional Mousemats & Coasters with no minimum order?

Scheduling promotional actions every single firm or type of companies would choose to be supplied with a small quantity order rather than buying a larger one and would like to have a selection of all options of brand application which could vary or be not available at all but frequently is unchanged.

If you need a logo printing for order in a quantity below minimum your final price may be higher due to minimum charge which on the odd occasion this renders end single item price not attractive although our unique collection of Mousemats & Coasters commonly can be offered in a very small quantity this is the reason ( to make a final decision ) we recommend to get other range of prices for example for minimum quantity order.

Let us choose an ideal way to go for and ideally contact us on 0203 3972 172 or email on info@w4fish.uk to be offered an appropriate price which is tailored to achieve your promotional needs.

Typically the quoted price for branded merchandise is formed of product's price preparation charge and depending on the type of branding print application price and water4fish have no hidden price term and because of that whatever final price is supplied to our customers their price cannot be altered even if in the meantime the prices rise.