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Promotional Pins & Badges

Promotional badges and ID holders

What are pins and badges for marketing?
First of all they are inexpensive and lolly promotional products which are widely used in all types of marketing/ PR actions, at events and workplaces. As you can see below there are a lot of products to choose from in our shop. Colours, shapes and prices can all be adjusted according to what you need. Please remember, that as in any other case here, the more products you order, the cheaper your products become...

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Promotional Transparent id badge holder W4V2712

(White, Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue)
Made from PVC obtainable in a mixture of different colours a fantastic and useful set showing Transparent ID badge holder with coloured part also with personalisation techniques to apply your logo on conferences.This promo product ordinarily is suit....

Transparent id badge holder,Red,White,Black,Blue,Green,Yellow,W4V2712,Pins & Badges
White Black Red Green Yellow Blue

Promotional ID badge W4V2596

(White, Black, Navy Blue, Red, Light Green, Pink)
Created in aluminium available in one colour collection containing a magnificent ID badge and with Laser Engraving printing services for the best finish on exhibitions.The item's printing zone on numerous occasions is more than abundant for logo imp....

ID badge,Navy Blue,Silver,Black,Red,W4V2596,Lanyards & Neckbelts
White Black Navy Blue Red Light Green Pink
from: £0.34

ID badge

Promotional Lanyard with logo badge W4V4099

(Black, Navy Blue, Red, Light Green, Pink)
Produced from Polyester and Metal accessible in a batch of different colours a well-sold group which introduces a super value Lanyard with logo badge and with a logo print services for a final look on your conferences.This gadget's printing zone on....

Lanyard with logo badge,Pink,Multicolour,Black,Light Green,Red,Navy Blue,W4V4099,Lanyards & Neckbelts
Black Navy Blue Red Light Green Pink

Promotional Keyring with metal badge W4V4790

(White, Black, Navy Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink)
Selection which offers a high quality crafted in Metal and Polyester Keyring with metal badge obtainable in a choice of colours and with Laser Engraving printing services for a final look on your exhibitions.Branding may be every inch of rested on t....

Keyring with metal badge,Black,Orange,Navy Blue,Red,W4V4790,Keyrings & Keyfobs
White Black Navy Blue Red Green Orange Yellow Pink
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Bertha from Morpeth

Why are promo pins and badges so popular?

It is easy. They are simply perfect marketing products. Cheep, cheerful and, all in all, practical. There are numerous people who are crazy about lanyards and budges, so why not make them your promotional items for the next event your comany is organising?

These items are easy to print, light and delivered as soon as they are ready after you have decided about all ordering details. The number of items, coulors, printing techniques. All these factors impact the final price of the promo products you have decided to go for. Feel free to explore any category in our shop and remember you can always give us a quick call if you need anything to be further explained before you place your order.

Right! As you have decided which products to buy, how many of them and what they should be made of, there is just one more step to be taken before we process your order and dispatch it to you. Please choose the printing technique you would like to have used for your items. You can go for either dye sublimation, screen printing or pad printing.

Does Promotional Pins & Budges' price on our website have all charges displayed?

Logo print services can differ or be limited but many a time is unchanged in a small quantity order. Planing promotional actions every single venture or corporation would like to have a selection of all options of printing services instead of committing to order for a big quantity so if you is in need of a small quantity order we are here to help.

Our popular set of Pins & Budges typically can be ordered but but if your marketing event require a personalisation you may incur a lump sum as a result of set minimum for print and preparation which on occasions makes your individual item's price too high therefore we advise considering different available options e.g. For bigger quantities order to help with your choice.

Ideally call our specialists on 0203 3972 172 or email on info@w4fish.uk to secure a preferable quote which would be tailored to meet your marketing actions and allow us select a well suited way to go for.

Branded products price regularly contains print application price one-off screen charge and solo piece and we have no hidden price term and because of that whichever end amount to pay is sent to all customers their price is not going to be modified even if the prices are raised.

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