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Promotional Tools & Knives

The section with promo tools and knives

What promotional tools and knives can I get?
Here is men zone only. Tools or tool sets, customised knives, penknives or multi tool pocket sets will be a perfect gift for any DIY enthusiast. And we all know it is rather men who do such jobs and women rather avoid working with a screwdriver or a sharp tool which could do more harm than good. Of course it doesn't mean women won't find such products useful. They will surely find a good place for them somewhere in the basement!..

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Promotional Thin magnifying glass W4V2488

Manufactured to the highest of standards from PVC available in one colour a truly stylish collection which comprises an impressive Thin magnifying glass in credit card size and with Full Colour up to 8cm2 branding techniques to display logo or messa....

Thin magnifying glass,White,W4V2488,Office & Stationery

Promotional Cutter W4V5564

To carry your logo during conferences choose from a low cost list of Cutter with 10 blades available in one colour manufactured to the highest of standards from Plastic and with branding techniques.This gadget frequently is desired by firm for examp....

Cutter,White,W4V5564,Tools & Knives
from: £0.14


Promotional Cutter W4V5633

(Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Blue)
An adored by customers choice containing a value for money manufactured from ABS and Steel Cutter offered in a diversity of colours also with printing services for the best finish on your trade shows.Logo imprint or stamp used on gadget's printi....

Cutter,Blue,Yellow,Red,Light Green,Orange,W4V5633,Tools & Knives
Red Orange Yellow Light Green Blue
from: £0.17


Promotional Cutter with safety lock W4V5634

(Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue)
A terrific choice of Cutter with safety lock manufactured in Plastic accessible in a group of different colours also with branding techniques to carry your logo on your marketing campaigns.This merchandise frequently was used by partnership in pa....

Cutter with safety lock,Red,Green,Blue,Yellow,Black,W4V5634,Tools & Knives
Black Red Green Yellow Blue

Promotional Cutter W4V9707

(White, Navy Blue, Red, Green, Yellow)
Manufactured to the highest of standards from HIPS accessible in a group of colours a dynamic range which has Cutter also with a logo print services for a final look on your trade shows.This Cutter continually fits partnership by way of illustration....

Cutter,White,Navy Blue,Red,Green,Yellow,W4V9707,Tools & Knives
White Navy Blue Red Green Yellow
from: £0.18


Promotional Cutlery set W4V9652

Produced from PP available in one colour a unique selection which feature Travelling cutlery set consisting of jagged knife, small spoon and fork, includes cap to hold the items together also with Padprint printing services for a final look during e....

Cutlery set,White,W4V9652,Kitchen
from: £0.29

Cutlery set

Promotional Server knife W4V8511

(White, Navy Blue, Red)
To display logo or message on your marketing campaigns consider produced from PP and plastic a top selling range which has Server knife with many colours to choose from and with Padprint printing services.This product not long ago was bought by Of....

Server knife,Red,Navy Blue,White,W4V8511,Kitchen
White Navy Blue Red
from: £0.34

Server knife

Promotional Keyring, measuring tape 1.5 m W4V5615

A terrific group which comprises a fantastic and low cost used material is Plastic Keyring, measuring tape 1,5 m available in one colour and with printing services to display logo or message on your trade shows.This gadget frequently is approved by c....

Keyring, measuring tape 1.5 m,White,W4V5615,Rulers & Measure Tapes

Promotional Cutter W4V9709

For the best finish during marketing campaigns have a look at a recommended variety which promotes a high quality at a best price Cutter available in one colour crafted in Stainless steel.This Cutter was in the past few months bought by Office Equi....

Cutter,Silver,W4V9709,Tools & Knives
from: £0.38


Promotional Multifunctional tool W4V7759

(Black, Silver)
Group featuring a striking manufactured in Stainless Steel Multifunctional tool in case, 12 el, obtainable in a diversity of different colours also with logo printing options to display logo or message on your promotional actions.The product's printi....

Multifunctional tool,Silver,Black,W4V7759,Tools & Knives
Black Silver

Promotional Multifunctional tool W4V8777

(Black, Silver)
Offered in a batch of logo printing options to apply your logo on exhibitions also with standard colours Multifunctional tool in case, 9 functions manufactured in Stainless steel.Logo service or trademark can go onto the item's imprint section. This....

Multifunctional tool,Black,Silver,W4V8777,Tools & Knives
Black Silver

Promotional Safety reflector on carabiner clip W4V5552

(White, Red)
Available in a list of Padprint printing services for a final look during conferences and with colours Safety reflector on carabiner clip with 3 light functions: constant, medium and fast flashing manufactured from Plastic.Logo service or mark shoul....

Safety reflector on carabiner clip,Red,White,W4V5552,Torches & LED
White Red

Promotional HEART measuring tape with BMI W4V9566

Group of a well-sold Measuring tape 'heart' with BMI, 1,5 m manufactured from ABS and PVC available in one colour also with a logo print services for a final look on exhibitions.The gadget's printing area generally is more than abundant for logo ser....

HEART measuring tape with BMI,Red,W4V9566,Tools & Knives

Promotional Waiter knife W4V5432

A recommended choice which highlights produced from Metal Wine opener, waiter's knife available in one colour also with Laser Engraving personalisation techniques to apply your logo on your trade shows.Logo imprint or emblem put on item's printing zo....

Waiter knife,Black,W4V5432,Tools & Knives
from: £0.82

Waiter knife

Promotional Keyring, tool W4V9801

(Black, Red, Blue, Silver)
A customer personalised set which offers a customised manufactured in Aluminium Keyring, mutlifunctional tool accessible in a list of colours also with logo printing options for the best finish on your conferences.This promo product generally is popu....

Keyring, tool,Blue,Black,Silver,Red,W4V9801,Keyrings & Keyfobs
Black Red Blue Silver
from: £0.83

Keyring, tool

Promotional Measuring tape 2 m set W4V5617

Crafted in Plastic and Metal a dynamic selection which promotes a high quality Measuring tape 2 m, spirit level, memo pad, pen and belt clip available in one colour and with brand application to apply your logo on your exhibitions.The product's imp....

Measuring tape 2 m set,Black,W4V5617,Rulers & Measure Tapes

Promotional Multifunctional tool, pocket knife W4V8795

(Black, Red, Blue)
Made from Stainless steel and PP a distinctive diversity which introduces Multifunctional tool, pocket knife, 5 functions obtainable in a mixture of colours also with Padprint brand application for the best finish during promotional actions.This pr....

Multifunctional tool, pocket knife,Black,Red,Blue,W4V8795,Tools & Knives
Black Red Blue

Promotional Keyring, measuring tape 0.5 m W4V4060

Choice which comprises a customer personalised Keyring, measuring tape 0,5 m m manufactured in FibreGlass available in one colour and with logo printing options to promote your brand on conferences.This promotional product was in the past few months ....

Keyring, measuring tape 0.5 m,White,W4V4060,Rulers & Measure Tapes

Promotional Multifunctional / pocket knife W4V7718

Manufactured in Stainless Steel a great and affordable list containing Multifunctional / pocket knife, 6 accessories available in one colour also with Padprint branding techniques to promote your brand during conferences.This promo product in the pa....

Multifunctional / pocket knife,Silver,W4V7718,Tools & Knives

Promotional Pen shaped screwdriver W4V5090

(Red, Light Green, Blue, Grey)
A truly unique and trendy diversity featuring Pen shaped screwdriver with 4 flat head and 4 philips screwdriver bits manufactured to the highest standards from Aluminium and Steel obtainable in a batch of colours and with Laser Engraving branding te....

Pen shaped screwdriver,Grey,W4V5090,Tools & Knives
Red Light Green Blue Grey

Promotional Waiter knife W4V9526

(Black, Orange, Blue, Burgundy)
Produced from ABS and Metal accessible in a batch of colours must have mixture which feature must have Waiter's knife with coloured handle also with Padprint branding techniques to display logo or message on promotional events.This promo product re....

Waiter knife,Blue,Burgundy,Black,Orange,W4V9526,Tools & Knives
Black Orange Blue Burgundy
from: £1.01

Waiter knife

Promotional Screwdriver W4V5640

(Black, Navy Blue)
Crafted in Metal and Plastic available in one colour an affordable and stylish group which highlights Screwdriver with level and blue light and with printing services for the best finish on promotional events.This promo product usually is in de....

Screwdriver,Black,Navy Blue,W4V5640,Tools & Knives
Black Navy Blue
from: £1.11


Promotional Pocket knife W4V7719

A popular and stylish selection featuring an attractive manufactured from Stainless Steel Pocket knife, the blade can be locked for safety available in one colour also with logo printing options for the best finish on your marketing campaigns.This pr....

Pocket knife,Silver,W4V7719,Tools & Knives
from: £1.11

Pocket knife

Promotional Measuring tape 2 m W4V5651

Manufactured in Plastic and Metal available in one colour a very popular and great range featuring Measuring tape 2 m and with Doming up to 10cm2 printing services for a final look on exhibitions.The product's printing zone regularly is more than e....

Measuring tape 2 m,Black,W4V5651,Rulers & Measure Tapes
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Generally it is ok. My event went smooth with them
Cortney from Cockermouth
perfect! the logo is just the right size!
Earline from Axbridge
My round white logo looks good in the middle, thanks
Carter from Slough

What are promotional tools and knives used for?

It this section you will come across all bits and bobs that a DIY fan needs. Measuring tapes, different size and colour knife cutters, keyrings or multifunctional sets. Just take a look at them and think how good your logo would look on them. Especially if you work in the construction or gardening field. Every customer of yours or a company you cooperate with could receive your personalised tools and different types of knifes with logo. Your logo, obviously, to carry your name even further and bring more and more customers for your services.

Promotional Tools & Knives at Water4Fish

Water4fish has prepared a wide range of products so that every client looking for tool sets could find something just right for their needs. It is also reflected in the prices of those products. You can find here a lot of budget items, such as pens or cutters which you can order in bulk to make them parts of gift bags during your marketing campaigns. There are also more expensive products which can go up to 20 GBP per item. Such customised tools are of high quality, they are usually metal tools or multi tool sets with logo which looks particularly good when laser engraved.

Plastic items can be ordered in many different colours so that your products varied from each other and so that you had some flexibility when giving them to your customers. Such simple DIY tools are necessary in every household and they may come handy the least expected moments, so make your friends, partners and clients ready for some spontaneous action with a promotional tool set and help them fix things at home!

Here, at Water4Fish, we use different printing techniques and you can choose from the following:
- laser engraving is commonly used for all metal products such as multifunctional tools and leaves permanent engraving along with permanent impression of style and good taste.
- screen printing which is the most common and widely used technique.
- dye sublimation by means of which you can apply sublimation ink onto product's surface.
- pad printing which is very popular for rounded objects such as knives.

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