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Promotional Selfie stick

Selfie stick,White,W4V3492,Beach & Outdoor Items
Selfie stick,White,W4V3492,Beach & Outdoor Items
Selfie stick,Red,W4V3492,Beach & Outdoor Items
Selfie stick,Yellow,W4V3492,Beach & Outdoor Items
Selfie stick,Blue,W4V3492,Beach & Outdoor Items
Selfie stick,Pink,W4V3492,Beach & Outdoor Items
Selfie stick,Red,W4V3492,Beach & Outdoor Items
Selfie stick,Orange,W4V3492,Beach & Outdoor Items
Selfie stick,Red,W4V3492,Beach & Outdoor Items
Selfie stick,Green,W4V3492,Beach & Outdoor Items
Selfie stick,Black,W4V3492,Beach & Outdoor Items
Water4Fish Product Description:
Made from Stainless Steel a trendy choice which introduces Extendable handle selfie stick, 7 positions, cable with 3,5 mm Jack connection for mobile phones accessible in a range of standard colours and with logo printing options for the best finish during conferences.

Logo service or mark applied onto item's imprint space every so often needs couple of added terms to go alongside an initial design. This product puts forward printing space of 5 x 25 mm. This can fit any further message.

This merchandise in the last few days was acquired by Management Consulting Specialists with a logo print services. It recurrently is liked by almost every company from Consumer Services.

This product presents a handful of supplemental alternatives you can take an opportunity of like free of charge digital mockup and get a sample.

It is proposed uploading an outlined version of your artwork such as.cdr,.eps or.ai to carry through the greatest slogan application effect.

Qty from 50 100 250 500
Plain stock £4.04 £3.12 £3.04 £2.89
With logo For prices with print please use Go

White Black Red Green Orange Yellow Blue Pink

Product: W4V3492
Selfie stick
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 2.5 x 108 x 2.5 cm
Print Size: 25 x 7 mm, 60 x 10 mm
Min Order Qty: 50
Qty of White:
In Stock: 11655
(Now: 197 +7days: >11K)
Qty of Black:
In Stock: 11609
(Now: 41 +7days: >11K)
Qty of Red:
In Stock: 22380
(Now: 46 +7days: >22K)
Qty of Green:
In Stock: 8146
(Now: 36 +7days: 8110)
Qty of Orange:
In Stock: 5567
(Now: 109 +7days: 5458)
Qty of Yellow:
In Stock: 5390
(Now: 31 +7days: 5359)
Qty of Blue:
In Stock: 13055
(Now: 47 +7days: >13K)
Qty of Pink:
In Stock: 7265
(Now: 11 +7days: 7254)
In Stock Go
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Logo Position: Item Front
Logo Position: Item Front
1 colour
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