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HO! HO! HO! Xmas promotional products ready to go!

Christmas is coming and there's nothing you can do about it! On the other hand would you actually like to do anything about the happiest time of the year? The time of joy, carols and what we like most. Christmas gifts.

Santi, plush Christmas teddy bear W4F0140

If you run your own business you must know that making your family and friends happy is simply not enough. You also have this obligation towards your customers and business partners of giving them something special for this special time of the year. It may sound a .....

Personalised promotional products

Personalised promotional products are great logo carriers for all brands. We hope that the little selection below will be enough of enhancement to go deeper into our shop and get bets promotional items for your company......

Promoting business - Part 1

There are questions which need to be answered asap. Therefore, it's better to ask then sooner rather than later. Every business needs that something extra to boost their sales and recognition among existing and potential customers. Every businessman or a sales & marketing manager needs to realize as well, that customers and clients are not born of nothing. All business relations need to be established and maintained to bring mutual benefits for both parties. You - the company, and them - you.....

Unique promotional items

Water4fish is very proud to be the distributor of the most unique promotional items in the whole UK. Just browse our portfolio to find out which companies have already found their marketing inspiration in our shop. We are sure that we can provide you with the best ideas for customised items in the most attractive prices. .....

Promotional product giveaways

Where to get best promotional items and promotional products? If you are in search for hit promotional products this is the right place to be. In our shop you will find even the most unexpected items which can be customised with your logo or any other message of your choice. The most important thing is that they were your brand related. Then you can be certain such items will support any of your actions and will come handy any time you need them......

SEO Guide 2015 - SEO and page optimization according to the latest trends - Part 2

Content and the site's structure index
The main aspect which according to Google always influences the site's position is whether the content can be easily and quickly found and indexed by Google. In order to make this possible the following issues should be taken care of:
1. Clear and logical structure

What is recommended

Links from the homepage to the most important subpages.
Friendly URL - containing words related to subpages.
Navigation structures such as "breadcrumb".

Printing techniques guide. Laser engraving. Why is it so cool?

It is high time we wrote something about the printing techniques Water4fish has been using in order to provide the finest promotional products on the market. This time we will tell you what laser engraving is and why it is worth using.

First of all, laser engraving can only be considered for metal objects and items as they are actually treated with real laser. The technique uses the most innovative tools and methods so that the permanent marking, which is the final effect, was of top class a.....

Branded promotional items uk

What are branded promotional products in today's marketing?
Branded promotional products are very helpful in marketing and advertising. You will find thousands of them here. start with the sample items below or go straight to the category that is interesting for your brand. You can see the list of them just to your left. .....

Social media, forums and others forms of online marketing

Have you noticed that sometimes it seems that the more you do the worse the effects are? It is not enough any more to place your add online, get great business cards or invest heaps into promotional items. Regardless how good they are. Today you need to be present in as many spots as possible. And It can all be done from your armchair. Social media profiles, link-sharing portals or simply dedicated forums are the places which can significantly help in all your SEO actions.

Air Gifts 3 in 1 set W4V3425

Promoting your business

It's good to see you back! It means that you start appreciating the meaning and undoubted power of promotional products Water4Fish has to offer. Regardless the sector or the type of business you represent, corporate identity is something that you need to develop constantly. It doesn't matter if you work in finance, car hire industry or a phone accessory shop.

Mobile phone holder W4V3198

You need to enlarge the portfolio of your loyal customers consistently. How to do that? It is easy. Running m.....

SEO Guide 2015 -SEO and page optimization according to the latest trends -Part 5

User experience
Recently, Google has been gradually implementing new user experience factors relating to the website. The group of these factors are the page loading speed, probably also mobile optimization and, which has recently been confirmed, the HTTPS protocol as a page rank signal. It proves that not only fulfilling algorithm requirements, but also convenience and user experience can be a way to improve the website's position in search results.
1. Page loading speed
Service efficiency d.....

Make drivers happy! Promotional car items.

Promotional products for drivers:
Here is a short recipe of how to make a driver happy. Here we go. To make any driver happy you need the following ingredients:
1. A driver or drivers. Depends on you.
*Please Note. The more drivers you want to make happy the more other ingredients become necessary.

Car mobile phone holder W4V8726

2. A marketing plan for your car related business.
*Please note. Your business doesn't have to be strictly car-related, but it is good if drivers are your customers, business pa.....

Best promotional giveaways

What are best promotional giveaways?
If you are looking for best promotional giveaways you are at the right place. Promotional products make a huge family of items which will surely help your business boost. Find the best product for your brand with us. See you inside. .....

Promotional products uk

When there is a huge event coming or you need to fill up your marketing item stock, then there is no choice you have. You need to look for wholesale promotional products sale. If you are here it means that you have already started your search for the best deals. Fortunately you got to the best place in the whole UK. We provide personalised items for British and European companies from all sectors......

Summertime marketing campaign recipe

Here is a short instruction on how to run a summertime campaign.
Facts: Summer is hot. People leave for holiday. They spend time outdoors.
Recommended: Drinks, bottles, drinking bottles, beach and outdoor items, games, hats, sunglasses. All promotional products with logo which can be associated with good fun, relax and summer.

Drinking bottle, 500ml W4V7667

How to use this info?
Marketing campaigns and events are natural and obvious actions taken by companies in order to expand.
Of course wise.....

Promotional keyring. Different shape for everyone.

Personalised products have a lot of advantages and you can't really say that they lack in creativity. A good example of an item which can fit absolutely any occasion, event, budget and style are keyrings with logo. We have to admit that they take a high position among our sales, but it is no secret for anyone. All companies which do promotional items can include keyring into their bestsellers. Why are they so good and popular? Let's take a look at the features.

Rex, plush lion, keyring W4F0205

1. Shapes. P.....

They will be gone anyway

Today we would like to share a little conclusion with you. This is about hotels and their accessories. Nobody wants to say that aloud and this is not a convenient subject, but we all know that there is one thing that is constantly missing and getting lost in hotels. This item is towel.

Cooling towel W4V9696

Let's admit, that even if this is not a common occurrence, or a regular practice of the unknown force, it happens. The towels are gone from hotels and there is nothing that can be done about.....

How to run an event?

An exhibition? A conference? Or perhaps just a staff party for the whole company? No matter what you are trying to organize, you want it to be successful. If you are responsible for such actions in your company you know how important such meetings are. Obviously different events have various purposes, but this is an excellent opportunity to make all of them special for your clients and employees. How to do that? Here is a short method.

Wall clock weather station W4V3251

You have to know wha.....

Promotional Umbrellas. Big logo carriers.

There are many ideas for promotional products and marketing activities. Actually, there are as many ideas as there are printable products available in our shop and many others. It is difficult to find the one which is the best, the ultimate logo carrier. Why? Simply because there are different needs, strategies and services which can be promoted and not every product is tailored for every activity.

Automatic storm proof umbrella W4V9452

However, if we were to choose a product which can be personalised with the .....

Facebook? Twitter? G+? Social media in today's marketing.

It is rather difficult to imagine today's marketing without the social media, isn't it? Having an account with one of them, preferably all, is a must have for every company which wants to reach their public. It is not any different with Water4Fish. We are the most popular marketing products' provider in the UK so an account here and there in order to communicate with our clients is a necessity. Take a look at one of them https://twitter.com/water4fish_uk

Paperweight W4V2774

Social media.....

Chill out with Water4Fish. No stress note.

It is high time to take it easy boys and girls, and simply chill out for a sec. Work is not all and the sooner you realise this the better for your health. Water4Fish is not just the best UK company in terms of promotional products. We are also a very considerate group of people, who know how stressful work may sometimes get. Therefore, we have prepared something special for all those who sometimes forget that stress is not the most welcome feeling at work.

Ball Anti stress toy W4V4088

Anti st.....

Good flight recipe

If you represent an airline, an airport or any other industry connected with flying, there is one major concern which is crucial for you. How to win customers for your airline and become a serious player on the market or maintain your position in it. Here is a short recipe Water4Fish worked out for such purpose. In order to achieve success and recognition combined with customers' respect you will need the following:

Waterproof bag W4V9418

1 or more airline with fleet
1 or more.....

How good a goodie bag can be?

When you think of the purpose of any promotional campaign there can be only one conclusion. You perform some actions which are targeted at you potential customers, clients and business leads in order to increase your sales. As the UK's leader in terms of providing you with the marketing items Water4Fish believes that the more gifts you distribute the more people will be happy to use your service in future. You can find a lot of various products in our pages which are just perfect to create a "go.....

Successful promotion

When you want to increase your recognisability among the public you've got few ways to follow. One of them is ordering some promotional items in order to distribute them among your customers, partners, leads and even friends and family. Customised pens are something that you cannot forget when planning your marketing actions.

Elegant ballpen with stylus/tip W4V3183

We have asked this question using social media, chats and forums. "Which products are the most popular and effective for promotional events and acti.....

IT and computer sector can benefit as well.

Do you run computer related business? Good for you! This is a very perspective branch of economy in the time we live now. You are very lucky, too, as you have all those innovative channels of communication and advertising. And you are on top of everything regarding this matter. There is one small "but" though - but what about your customers who use your services?

Annabelle, plush mouse W4F0225

It doesn't matter if you run a computer repair shop or you are a web developer. There are people who are your c.....

Cheap promotional products

What are the prices for promotional items?
Price has always been an important aspect when buying any goods. Not only cheap promotional products available online. They are widely used in general campaigns, where you don't have to focus on selected Clients, but you want to reach as many potential customers as possible. .....

The summer is coming

What promotional products are in fashion for summer?

Although it is still wintertime and there is snow outside a lot of windows in many regions around the world, it will soon be over. The time of travelling and holiday is coming for most of us. The time of relax and chilling out doesn't mean, though, that it cannot be used for business purposes. Here, at Water4Fish we have plenty fresh ideas on how to promote your business and how to become recognized not only in the UK, but even around the g.....

Business gifts

What business gifts can I buy among promotional items?
Business gifts are very popular products often bought in our shop. There are differences in promotional products which you hand in to customers and those you give to your business leads. Make sure that your logo is printed on every item you order. It will help you develop your business and increase your turnover. .....

Promotional accessories

Promotional accessories can be found in our store as well. Pick the most suitable promotional products and enjoy them during your next promotional campaign along with the public who receive them. Take a look below to see what can be found in our shop and explore the categories on your left......

Marketing truths and myths

Many people are convinced that marketing actions are expensive and, most of the time, unnecessary. There is this myth that marketing is something artificially created by companies which want your money for telling you what you should do and how you should do it.

Writing set W4V2771

Truth. Marketing has always been there.

It may be a bit surprising here for you, but marketing has been present in our civilization as long as there has been sales. Those who sell have always been trying t.....

What do you need to run a conference, a meeting or a coaching session?

Professional image and business approach (that is where promotional products cab be used) are manifested not only through what you do for the public. It is equally important to make great impression within your company. Your employees and business partners shouldn't get the impression that whatever best you have, is kept only for the audience who would either appreciate it or not. Your staff will always think highly of you when you spend and extra Quid here or there to keep them happy. What is t.....

Wholesale promotional products

It doesn't matter what type of business you run. Water4fish provides all types of personalised items.
So called wholesale promotional products are some of them.
In our shop you will find a wide selection of marketing products which can successfully support any campaign.
Good luck!.....

Mugs, mugs and some more promotional mugs.

Are you a mug lover? Do you have a lot of them at home? Do you feel there are never enough of them? Do you keep on buying them all the time? At supermarkets, as souvenirs, with cool slogans, for a morning coffee and the afternoon tea? We've got some news for you! You are not alone!

Duraglaze Durham Style PhotoMug W4F0459

There are millions of people like you. In that case why not invest into personalised mugs? If you have your own business and you believe in marketing, then you must know that mugs with logo are the m.....

Real estate. How to sell effectively?

Property market has always been a very important branch of economy. Since we have developed our commercial approach towards life, which is so much determined by money, properties have been the most desired objects. For some people their homes and houses are what they had been working for most of their lives. Mansions, castles and even bungalows or semi-detached houses have been inherited by children, grandchildren and so on, generating more and more profit.

House Anti stress toy W4V4002


Promotional computer items

Promotional computer items are very popular nowadays. Various companies of plenty sectors decide to use them in their marketing campaigns and abandon the cheapest items. Products from this category are not expensive either, but they are a bit more pricey as they are a bit more sophisticated. The public will surely appreciate those gifts more that others.

SEO Giude 2015 - Next audit specialists

Here is what my fiend, a SEO specialist, wrote on his blog:

During a daily SEO update session this morning I came across an interesting post published in one of the FB SEO groups' profile. I have to admit that I have suffered significantly reading with disbelief what was described there. Here is what happened to me while reading:

1. Spitting the screen with coffee, that I had been drinking for a while. But it was not the screen that I felt pity for but rather the coffee of rare brand an.....

Do we have to be competitive?

Water4Fish Promotional products specialists. Do we have to be competitive and are we?

When you go through forums which are marketing related you cannot really avoid this question. People keep on exchanging ideas and thoughts in order to improve their actions and increase their sales. This is though, the most important aspect of all actions. Sales. And to do it successfully, you need to be competitive. Here, the question raised in the heading is answered.

Thumb touch pen LED W4V1686

We c.....

Promotional items

If you are looking for a way to stand out from a crowd and be more transparent and recognized than your competitors, you are t the right place. Promotional items will help you build positive relations and creditability with the surrounding business environment. Customise your items with the image of your choice and win the loyalty of your customers......


Good idea!

We always try our blog to be helpful and inspiring for all those who are in search for good marketing initiatives. Here is one of them. What do you thing about crowdfunding? We find it an excellent idea! Do you know how it works? Here is a short summary.

Cocktail set in gift box W4V5488

When you have an idea, but you miss funds for its implementation, you can try gathering the money online from people who will simply support your actions. There are several places like that in the Internet, w.....

Wholesale promotional gadgets selling

We are often asked if we sell our promotional products in bulk. Let us answer the shortest and the most accurate way. Of course we do! Wholesale promotional items distribution is the main field of our activity. What is more, this one of the most popular UK's searches when it comes to customised products. We are very happy to be the leader of our market and the main supplier of items with logo to numerous companies in the UK.

Car charger W4V3293

Why do people search for "wholesale promotional items.....

Different promotional products

Where to get promotional products?
If different promotional products are what you've been after then you should definitely consider our offer. The variety od promotional items we do is almost endless. The best way to find out more is by exploring the categories to your left. Enjoy......

Sport events. How to promote them successfully?

The winter will be over soon and the time of outdoor events and sport competitions will begin! Hurray, hurray! There is nothing better than some physical activity in the fresh air, don't you agree? Water4Fish often supplies promotional items and customised product with logo to all sorts of sporting events, both indoor and outdoor. However, the spring and the summer time is when the most events of such kind are organised outside. No wonder. Who would like to get stuck in a building when the sun i.....

Promotional Pens and Pencils

Customised pens and pencils are perceived as the most important promotional products in the whole family of corporate identity customised items.

With logo or message, slogan or image, from metal or plastic we can choose something to tailor your needs......

How to boost car sale and hire?

If we were to create a list of ground breaking innovations that have changed the civilization forever, car would definitely appear on it. We cannot argue about that. We can only argue about its position on the list. Since its invention the major thing for the manufacturers was the sales and delivering a car to every household. Of course the industry has been growing ever since and now we are not only talking about car sales but everything what is connected with it.

USB car charger set W4V3738


Use of Promotional Items

No matter whether you work in PR, marketing, advertising, events, you are all very aware of the power of promotional merchandise which cat get your messages across any channel and market virtually everything, from small household items to services of all kinds and consumables including food and drink.
Business card holder W4V2159
Business gifts or better known as promotional items are used to help promote clients' messages, slogans, watchwords, unique offers, deals, new market introductions, new products,.....

Office promotional products

Where can I find office promotional products?
Looking for best office promotional products? You got to the right store. We do all types of printable items and our online shop is easy to manage. Get the best products in best prices with us. .....

Personalised mints. What is the point?

Hi! It's nice you popped in! We hope to keep you for longer here. It will give you a chance to find out more about our activity, what we do. You will also find out why we are the leader in the UK in terms of promotional items. We believe that every customer should have wide choice and be capable of finding the exact product they have been after. Therefore, you will often find promotional items here, that are not widely associated with marketing actions and promotional campaigns.

Such products.....

The Lord of the Bags

Have you ever been shopping? Have you ever been to an airport, a railway station or a bus station? Have you ever gone on holiday? Silly questions, aren't they? Why do we bring them up? There is one reason for it. On aspect. There is...

...One item to rule them all, one item to find them
One item to connect them all and in the light pack them.

Document or laptop bag W4V4571

Yes, you are right. This item is the bag. The bag is one of the most powerful promotional items marketing Wizards have ever.....

SEO Guide 2015 - SEO and page optimization according to the latest trends - Part 3

3. Structural data.
Appropriate identification of individual content on the site using structural data helps algorithms interpret the content of the site in a wider context. The most recommended form of structured data is called microdata (schema.org) but you can also use microformats or RDF.

What is recommended
1. Data schemas compliant with current standards.

2. Using Google data marker when the implementation of data and code is problematic.

3. Test tools verification.


SEO Guide 2015 - SEO and page optimization according to the latest trends - Part 4

Natural incoming links
Penguin is a Google algorithm which eliminates results that use illegal methods of obtaining external links (non-compliant with Google guidelines). In October 2014, after nearly a year's break, an update to this algorithm was introduced. The natural profile of incoming links and their high quality should be paid attention to now as it will result in more effective and safe SEO positioning.

What is recommended

1. Links should be created naturally by quoting, prov.....

SEO Guide 2015 - SEO and page optimization according to the latest trends - Part 1

2014 was full of important changes in Google search engine and they continued to 2015. They significantly affected the their visibility in Google and also forced the modification of the tactics used by specialists in the field of SEO and page optimization. Last year's most important events include numerous updates of Google algorithms: Penguin, Panda, Payday Loan and Page Layout ("Top Heavy"), as well as the inclusion of HTTPS to the group of ranking factors. Both those quoted, as well as severa.....

A promotional pen just in case

Promotional pens are highly important in all marketing actions. We have proven it so many times before not only by blogging about them, but mostly by finalising so many different orders for pen for companies across the whole UK.

Ballpen with touch screens stylus/tip W4V3259

Through all those years Water4fish has been active on the customised products' market we have delivered hundreds of thousands of pens to various addresses and the most important fact is that the customers are coming back. It leads to one major c.....

Promotional merchandise

Promotional merchandise products are what we distribute all over the UK but not only. Water4fish has been appreciated by numerous companies in continental Europe as well. Our products are available practically anywhere.
It is good to know that if your company works globally. Now you can order some products with logo anywhere you need them and we will deliver them to you. .....

Company logo promotional gifts

Where to find best promotional products?
When you are looking for company promotional gifts with logo why not try the home for promotional products? Visit our shop and enjoy thousands of promo items. some of them may get your logo carriers......

DIY with Water4Fish

How to do it yourself with Water4Fish? It is very easy! Look.
To do it yourself you need:

- a computer with the Internet connection
- a clear purpose for doing it yourself (i.e. your own business)
- basic understanding of marketing rules
- some money (unfortunately no marketing actions are possible f. o. c.)

House tape measure W4V2088

Why would you do it yourself?

It is simple. Planning and implementing your own marketing strategy is always cheaper than having it ran by agencies. And i.....

Business giveaways

What are business promotional gifts? When talking about any b2b relations we always need to consider mutual benefits. Business giveaways are fantastic ideas if you want to make your bonds stronger. There is no better way of impressing your partners than by providing them with gifts which can prove how much you appreciate them. Especially if the promotional items you decided to use are practical and useful......

Promotional Pens. Good for every occasion.

There are things you must have noticed about marketing even if you are not a specialist in this field. Some of them are so obvious that you do not have to be too much into the matter to understand what is going on around and why. It is difficult not to notice that majority of companies, from pretty much every sector, use promotional pens. Not only for their marketing campaigns, organised events or planned meetings. Pens with logo are always there. And we are not talking here about a pen here or.....

T-shirts vs Hats. The power of personalised clothing

Fashion changes all the time and we even stop paying attention to what is worn by whom. There is so much choice today that it is even impossible to keep up with latest trends in anything. When it comes to fashion some people are simply addicted to it, others do not pay attention at all to what they wear and if it is branded or not. But there is one aspect which cannot really be denied. Promotional clothing use, as promotional products, is something that catches the eye and helps in brand awarene.....

Online marketing

Sometimes we wonder if there is still any room today for any other actions than online activity e.g. using promotional merchandise items. Just think about it. The life of many, including our own successfully transfers into the Internet. It doesn't matter if it happens over a cable or by wireless Wi-Fi. We just move everything online. Our banking, our dates, our conferences and our marketing activity. There is nothing strange in it. If we shop online we are also most susceptible to all forms of e.....

Invest in promotional actions. Marketing solutions for financial organizations.

If there is a single sector that doesn't need to be convinced how important it is to make right investments, it will be the financial sector. Banks and all other types of financial institutions, including insurance companies, know that the more money you invest into your business at some point, the more you will earn on it later. Start saving for your marketing actions here.

Conference folder with power bank W4V8494

If you are looking for an investment which will surely bring you profit soon, you sh.....

Water4Fish Online Shop with Promotional Items

Water4Fish likes to be known as a leading promotional items, business gifts and corporate items or better known promotional products supplier with a fully accessible and a user friendly website that provides free e-samples of all our promotional products and items, free product visualisation, promotional items artwork preparation, all for one and simple reason as corporate client satisfaction is our number one priority.
Multifunctional tool W4V7759
We also go even further and assign a dedica.....

Printing techniques guide. Dye sublimation. What is it?

Last time when we met discussing printing techniques used by Water4fish we spoke a bit about laser engraving. Today we want to introduce you to another popular method of imprinting promotional items. It is called dye sublimation.

T-shirt  W4V9641

It is a very popular and widely used method. We are not even going to focus on its advantages and disadvantages. What is more, we are not going to tell you the boring story what is used, in what order and why to make the dye sublimation imprint. Wh.....

Win loyal customers for your catering business.

If you run any type of catering or food business you know exactly how important it is to be recognized by your customers. The competition on the market is so big, that it is quite difficult to break through it spectacularly. But it doesn't mean it is impossible.

Cocktail set in gift box W4V5488

Especially if you decide to use the service of the UK's leader in terms of promotional products' supply. Why actually should you ever use them? It is simple. They will boost your brand's awareness and bring .....

Customised promo umbrellas

What are perfect promotional products?
Are you looking for a nice gift for your loyal customers? Or you want to get ready for a wide marketing campaign? Perhaps the outdoor event that you organise is threatened by rain? Regardless the reason you are looking for customised promo umbrellas, they are a perfect giveaway for multiple occasions. Make sure your logo is on them. .....

Why promotional USB items are so popular?

The answer to this question is relatively easy. Purely because computers are all around us and the XXI century makes us curious about everything what the future brings. Today it is difficult to call personalised USB items futuristic, but they are highly practical and useful. Besides, they are not just silly gadgets which will be forgotten almost as soon as they are handed in.

Car charger W4V3293

Please take a look at some of the items we prepared for you here. As you can see, there is wide variety.....

Promotional items for call centre staff

Promotional products can also be used to motivate and build a relation with employees.
Any industry and company want to make sure their staff want to be proud of where they work and represent them outside working hours.

Call centres are not only the most popular customer service centres now, but they are also employers hiring a lot of staff. Someone has to take that call, don't they? We live in the era where everything is computerised but for many people and for many issues nothing can repla.....

Promotional Keyrings. Use them wisely

There is a group of promotional products which will always be great choice for marketing actions. Promotional keyrings are in this group. If you are wondering what is so special about them, think it through once again. All in all, they are just keyrings with logo, aren't they?

Laila, plush frog, keyring W4F0211

They are, but it is better to look at them through a wider perspective. There is a reason why they became so popular printable items. One day some one thought: "Hey, those keyrings are carried by so ma.....

Universal serial bus. Is it good for marketing?

Doesn't sound as if it was, does it? What if we shorten the name to the common abbreviation known by everybody. USB. Is it better? Of course it is. Now the whole bunch of possibilities is getting open.
Wireless computer mouse W4V3452

Printable USB items are just perfect for marketing. And there is no point in looking for weaknesses of such solution. As we live in the 21st Century, everything that surrounds us is modern and innovative. Therefore, computer related items are so popular gifts in terms of.....

Summer is coming. Time to take off!

Car Promotional Items
The weather outside is getting better with every day. The summer season is approaching and very soon all roads will get crowded with cars and other vehicles taking us to long awaited holiday. Even if it is going to be a short stay outside the town it is better to be ready with the portable travelling equipment for the car. Let's check what is there in ours!

- Safety comes first, so our trunk holds safety jackets for all family members. There are adult ones and kids ones.....

Event promotional products

Are there promo products designed for events?
Get best event promotional products with us. Take a look at what we do and decide yourself if you still are looking for a professional promotional items' supplier. You have just found the best promotional products online......

It's nice to see people coming back to your hotel, isn't it?

Hospitality is one of the most important sectors of the UK's economy. It couldn't be any different in the land of Shakespeare, the Beatles, Big Ben and the Royal Family. It doesn't mean that the UK is visited by the foreign tourists only. British also travel across the island exploring its most magnificent monuments and tourists attractions.

Toilet bag W4V8497

Of course the hospitality base must be well developed to provide accommodation for millions of tourists every year. Hotels, guest .....

Travel promotional items

What travel promo items can I buy online?
Good news for all travellers and travel agents! Water4fish is famous for our offer on travel promotional items. Whether it is a bag, travel wallet or a luggage tag that you are after, you will find it here. Get ready for your travelling promotional campaigns and order all necessary customised products for your company......

Promotional travel bags

Travelling agents or any other companies which are focused on travelling can benefit from using our services too. As the top provider of branded merchandise across the UK we would like to draw your attention to promotional travel bags which are available through our shop. These products are by far in the group of the most popular items. One of the reasons is their high quality, just like all the products that we do. .....

Best promotional items

Where can I get best promotional items?
It you want our company to be the best on the market, if you want it to be the leader of the sector you operate in, then you have no choice. You need best promotional items available today. The fact that you are here means that you already found them. Enjoy your shopping......

Does the size really matter?

The opinions are divided. Some say it does, others that it doesn't. It all depends on the needs of people who use it. Some like it when it is small and handy, even portable when necessary. Others prefer large sizes, voluminous, capable of handling a lot of fluid. If we were to answer the question raised in the title we would say "Yes, it does".

But do not worry if you have a small one. It has its charm anyway and we are sure it serves its purpose great. But wouldn't it be good to have a bigge.....

Promotional products

There is no successful marketing campaign without promotional products. They come handy not only when there is a mass event, but they are perfect for individual gifts as well. Promotional products are logo carriers and they help in business relation establishment and maintenance. .....

Important. Water4Fish does not sell toys.

We are very happy to learn that our blog articles are popular among our existing and potential customers. That only proves the role marketing consciousness plays in today's world of business. We are glad to receive your opinions, requests and suggestion. That only helps us develop our service and makes us deliver better products every day. Therefore, we have decided to use these pages to explain other aspects of our activity and selling strategy.

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There is one thing that needs to b.....

Promotional items for students

Regardless the country, the school or the faculty, students are easily recognizable group. They are often a target for many companies who want to gain new markets and new customers. Sometimes, and it is not a rare practice, companies look for new employees among the most perspective students. But before they hire them, they obviously must find them. We don't want to sound to naive and tell you that promotional products will help you find the best workers among young people, but they will definit.....

No promotional keyrings, no promotional actions

You must have realised by now that there are promotional products without which a marketing campaign is not as effective as it could be. Such products are personalised keyrings. We have even been told once by our loyal customer that if there are no keyrings there is no campaign. Why has he put it this way? Let's take a look at some undoubted advantages promotional keyrings create.

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1. They are awesome logo carriers not only because they are handy, but because they are car.....