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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your lead time for an order?

    Generally speaking the industry standard from date of order to delivery is 3-4 weeks. However we can deliver plain items within 7-10 working days and imprinted in 3-4 weeks.
  2. Are we showing every item in the online catalogue?

    Yes! Online catalogue is a full source of every promotional item in our online shop.
  3. How can I be sure that my order is being processed?

    After your order is placed you will receive a call or email from us confirming all your details as well as total amount. Your order will be processed from the very same day.
  4. What is minimum order in Water4Fish Online Shop?

    Minimum quantities of products are shown under pictures in online catalogue. However if you want to purchase only samples of Water4Fish products there will not be any restrictions.
  5. Are there any hidden fees?

    There are no hidden extras! All our prices fully include screens, dies and printing as shown by total payment by order.
  6. How do I pay Water4Fish?

    We accept only direct bank transfers. We DO NOT accept any credit cards.
  7. How will you personalise my selected products with my logo?

    You will need to supply us with your artwork. This must be supplied to us by dedicated area on website where you place your order or sent via email to info@w4fish.uk.
  8. How will you match the print colour to my logo colour?

    We will use colours from sent artwork. However if your requirement is more advanced you will need to supply us with your colour references. Every colour has a Pantone Matching System (PMS) reference number. This is a system used throughout the industry to ensure any printer can match colours specified by any designer.
  9. Where will I find my artwork and PMS references?

    The designer who originally created your logo or the printers who print your company stationary will probably have the artwork and PMS references.
  10. What are origination charges?

    Origination does not refer to the artwork or the actual printing process. Origination is a general term referring to the make up of the screens ,dies, templates or jacquards used in the process of applying personalisation details to a product A separate screen template is required for each colour used and will be charged accordingly. Your online order will always include these charges, and is a standard process in this industry.
  11. Can I place an order if I am not from the UK?

    Yes, we accept all orders from any country. We would only accept international direct bank transfer as payment and all charges have to be covered by the customer.
  12. Can I purchase more than 1 sample?

    Yes, you are not limited to any number of different samples of promotional items. However we do not allow to purchase more than 1 sample of the same item.
  13. Can I order a personalised sample?

    No, unfortunately you cannot. The cost of personalisation is too high to offer you that kind of service. It can be only a plain item.