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Promotional Anti Stress Products

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Promotional Anti Stress Products

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Promotional Keyring, heart antistress toy

Keyring, heart antistress toy

from £0.40
Promotional Anti stress - like it

Anti stress - like it

from £0.47
Promotional Keyring anti stress toy ball

Keyring anti stress toy ball

from £0.49
Promotional Anti stress cube

Anti stress cube

from £0.55
Promotional Globe - Anti stress toy

Globe - Anti stress toy

from £0.64
Promotional Smiling face anti stress keyring

Smiling face anti stress keyring

from £0.67
Promotional Antistress fruit/ vegetable

Antistress fruit/ vegetable

from £0.68
Promotional Ball Anti stress toy

Ball Anti stress toy

from £0.70
Promotional Heart Anti stress toy

Heart Anti stress toy

from £0.76
Promotional Anti stress toy - football

Anti stress toy - football

from £0.78
Promotional Cloud - Anti stress

Cloud - Anti stress

from £0.79
Promotional Ball pen, rotating anti stress

Ball pen, rotating anti stress

from £0.81
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Promo anti-stress items

What are anti stress promotional items? Anti stress products are everything made of rubber and soft materials which can be squeezed, played with, thrown or even decomposed if necessary without doing any harm to its user nor people around. You can choose from a wide variety of balls of different sizes and kinds, but there are also other sorts of squeezable anti stress products with logo on them which you can order with us. You can go for an anti stress house toy, nurse toy, not the full size though, or a rubber bulb.

What are anti stress products for?

Stress and tension are two negative aspects which can generate a lot of different problems in any company. Stressed staff is a common source of health problems and misunderstandings between an employer and an employee as well as between workers and clients. This is a type of situation which you as the manager want to avoid by all means. Water4Fish cannot improve the atmosphere at your workplace nor can control your staff, but we can provide you with personalised anti stress products which can significantly lower the tension level among workers and be funny items suitable for any company, any employee of any level.

By deciding to order and distribute some customised products among the workers of your company you let your staff know that you are not only the boss with sense of humour but you also take care about their health and their working conditions are something that you pay attention to.
But the squeezable products are not the only type of items Water4Fish had prepared for you in this category of customised anti stress items. You will also find here head massager, candles or air fresheners which can effectively influence workers who suffer from too much tension at work and better their comfort at work and at home when they finish. All anti-stress products can be customised with logotypes, desired colours and sizes so that matching your needs was quick and simple. Water4Fish will deal with your order in professional manner so that you didn't have to stress about its processing and delivery at any stage. In case you do, we recommend you use one of our branded anti stress products to calm down and enjoy your day.

Right! As you have decided which promotional products to buy, how many and what they should be made of, there is just one more step to be taken before we process your order and dispatch it to you. Please choose the printing technique you would like to have used for your customised marketing items. You can go for either dye sublimation, screen printing or pad printing. If you have decided to order products made of metal you have this unique chance to order them with your logo laser engraved. Laser engraving is widely perceived as stylish and good looking, but please be aware that this technique isn't meant to change any colours. It is a permanent carve into the surface of your chosen product which will carry your logo eternally.
As far as other printing techniques are concerned, we are happy do it for you the way you want it to be done. Please note that the most popular and common is screen printing, but we use others as well, especially when they are designed for small objects or items of particular material where only one kind of printing is possible. When ordering with Water4Fish you can be certain that our highly qualified staff will choose the best printing method for you and will get in touch with you in case of any, even smallest doubts. We couldn't be the leading marketing company in the UK, if we neglected a single order, could we?
Enjoy your shopping at www.w4fish.uk.