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Promotional Toothbrush cover

Toothbrush cover

from £0.09
Promotional Tooth brush with case

Tooth brush with case

from £0.29
Promotional Mirror


from £0.29
Promotional Glass nail file

Glass nail file

from £0.37
Promotional Hair brush with mirror

Hair brush with mirror

from £0.69
Promotional Bamboo tooth brush

Bamboo tooth brush

from £0.82
Promotional Rubber duck for bath

Rubber duck for bath

from £1.16
Promotional Scented candle

Scented candle

from £1.28
Promotional Absorbent towel

Absorbent towel

from £1.56
Promotional Shower coach 5 min / hour

Shower coach 5 min / hour

from £1.69
Promotional First aid kit

First aid kit

from £1.85
Promotional Slippers


from £1.86
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Best promotional items for bathrooms

Where to get promotional items for bathrooms? The fact that you visited promotional bathroom items category means that you must be looking for something more special and perhaps even more personal that just any branded item given away to public during one of your events. Promotional items for bathrooms are now available and you can start planning your marketing campaign.

What are promotional bathroom items used for?

Customised bathroom items are perceived as a part of bigger home items category which is the best for gifts. Many employees use it before Christmas to order some attractive bathroom items with logo and give it to their employees when the right time comes. In this category you can choose from many different objects which will vary both in price and their use. Sometimes it will be just decorative items but you can be certain to find something practical here as well.

Water4Fish has prepared the vast offer for you and if you are looking for nice and good looking items you might consider all range of towels in different colours which can be obviously the carriers your logo. There are bathroom relaxation sets, manicure sets, mirrors, all types of brushes, make up sets or scales.

The promotional bathroom items category is widely perceived as the ideal place to choose marketing products when you are targeting women, but in our opinion these sites are designed for everybody who wants to feel good, regardless if they are men or women. We believe that everybody deserves some quality time and if you think the same way, customised items for bathrooms is the best way to surprise your business partners with something special.

You can also differentiate your campaign in terms of prices, therefore, we have prepared low budget products, and those which by price definition are meant to go to the most appreciated co-workers, Clients or voters if you are organizing political campaign. You can find here items between 16 Pence and over 20 Pounds gathered on 3 individual sites, so the choice is really wide. Choose a mirror with logo if you want to impress some ladies, a set of towels in case your promotional actions include families.

Right! As you have decided which products to buy, how many of them and what they should be made of, there is just one more step to be taken before we process your order and dispatch it to you. Please choose the printing technique you would like to have used for your items. You can go for either dye sublimation, screen printing or pad printing. If you have decided to order products made of metal such as scales or manicure sets, you have this unique chance to order them with your logo laser engraved.