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Promotional Beach & Outdoor Items

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Promotional Hand fan

Hand fan

from £0.24
Promotional Reflective armband

Reflective armband

from £0.29
Promotional UV tester

UV tester

from £0.30
Promotional Bubble blower

Bubble blower

from £0.34
Promotional Wooden yo-yo

Wooden yo-yo

from £0.40
Promotional Compass


from £0.44
Promotional Bicycle cover

Bicycle cover

from £0.53
Promotional BULB Air Gifts pull light

BULB Air Gifts pull light

from £0.55
Promotional Air Gifts light / torch

Air Gifts light / torch

from £0.56
Promotional Bamboo yo-yo

Bamboo yo-yo

from £0.58
Promotional Inflatable beach ball

Inflatable beach ball

from £0.62
Promotional Fan flag

Fan flag

from £0.62
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Promotional summer items are here

What beach and outdoor promo items should we get? Let your customers enjoy the time at the sea side with all our promotional beach items making your brand stand out at the same time. Browse our vast selection of beach promo items and plan your campaign considering this type of items as a great canvas for your promotional message and slogans.

How can promotional beach and outdoor items help in marketing actions?

The fact that you are browsing the category of beach and outdoor items, means it is summertime and your marketing campaign will be full of good fun! These items are just perfect for all sorts of outdoor events and the choice is so wide that you will find the whole variety of promotional products here which will be just ideal for men, women and children in most cases, as the little ones are those who appreciate good fun the most.

Beach and outdoor personalised items

This category includes wide range of products such as sunglasses with poaches, mattresses, inflatable balls and other fun-making objects, pillows, beach bags, binoculars, skipping ropes and many more.

It is only up to you who will be given such gifts, when and why but if we may advise you, based on our experience, Water4Fish has prepared this category for all companies which want to place their logo on fun-generating items and their marketing campaign is not a deadly serious action. The fact that customised beach items are designed mostly for summertime, gives one more opportunity in terms of their personalisation. Beach products, as well as outdoor products with logo, are available in many different colour options which can be chosen during the ordering process.

Personalised beach and outdoor items will be widely associated with good time and you can be certain that if you choose right products your message will reach even far distances and that may bring a lot of new customers to your door. Use them in your events, marketing and political campaigns and you can be certain that your brand will become recognizable even in the least expected regions. With Water4Fish you can plan all actions to be taken during the campaign and adjust it to your budget. We have obviously made ready some low cost products as well as more sophisticated customised items which you can order and use. This occasion is a great moment to consider a "goodie bag' where you can place many different items and impress your business partners and their families. You can also choose the pre-made beach sets to make sure the people who are going to receive this gift from you will have good fun with your giveaways.

Right! As you have decided which products to buy, how many of them and what they should be made of, there is just one more step to be taken before we process your order and dispatch it to you. Please choose the printing technique you would like to have used for your items. You can go for either dye sublimation, screen printing or pad printing.