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W4V8524 - Promotional Kitchen apron W4V8524

Kitchen apron

from £0.65
Promotional Kitchen apron W4V8524

(White, Black, Navy Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink)
Available in a choice of Screen Transfer above 50sq cm branding techniques for a final look on exhibitions and with different colours Kitchen apron. Convenient for your everyday cooking. crafted in Non-Woven.This item's print section typically is mo....
W4V9591 - Promotional Writing board W4V9591

Writing board

from £0.72
Promotional Writing board W4V9591

(White, Navy Blue, Red)
A recommended collection which offers a fresh and contemporary Writing board with container, 2 small magnets on back and small erasable marker with felt eraser crafted in Plastic obtainable in a mixture of colours also with Padprint branding techniqu....
W4V9599 - Promotional Coffee spoon, measure W4V9599

Coffee spoon, measure

from £0.73
Promotional Coffee spoon, measure W4V9599

An eye-catching list presenting Coffee spoon, measure with clip manufactured from stainless steel available in one colour also with branding techniques to apply your logo on your promotional actions.This Promotional Coffee spoon, measure was of late ....
W4V7979 - Promotional Lunch box W4V7979

Lunch box

from £0.76
Promotional Lunch box W4V7979

(White, Blue)
Made from PP offered in a mixture of colours group which offers an outstanding Lunch box with bevelled sides also with logo printing options to promote your brand on your conferences.Slogan or message can utilise this gadget's print space. This prin....
W4V9582 - Promotional Cookie cutter set W4V9582

Cookie cutter set

from £0.83
Promotional Cookie cutter set W4V9582

Obtainable in a group of a logo print services to apply your logo during promotional events also with one colour a stylish 5 pcs, plastic cookie cutter set, including two star shapes, two flower shapes and on heart shape, presented in a transparent ....
W4V9899 - Promotional Microwave cup 720 ml W4V9899

Microwave cup 720 ml

from £0.98
Promotional Microwave cup 720 ml W4V9899

(White, Red, Light Green)
Made from PP available in a set of standard colours an eye-catching and budget choice including Microwave cup 720 ml, removable lid with locking clips and with a logo print services for a final look on your trade shows.This gadget in the last few we....
W4V9537 - Promotional Cookie molds set W4V9537

Cookie molds set

from £1.05
Promotional Cookie molds set W4V9537

Batch which includes a well-sold used material is PP Cookie molds set, 5 pcs available in one colour and with Padprint brand application to promote your brand on your conferences.This promotional product of late was obtained by Government along with....
W4V8419 - Promotional Salad container W4V8419

Salad container

from £1.13
Promotional Salad container W4V8419

(White, Light Green)
A fantastic and low cost mixture showing Salad container 750 ml with fork and small salad dressing container used material is PP obtainable in a set of colours also with printing services to carry your logo during conferences.This merchandise normall....
W4V8530 - Promotional Flower pot W4V8530

Flower pot

from £1.18
Promotional Flower pot W4V8530

(Neutral, Red, Green)
A budget list which comprises made from Plastic Biodegradable flower pot, includes 5-8 seeds and soil obtainable in a selection of colours and with logo printing options to display logo or message on your trade shows.This product in the last few days....
W4V9542 - Promotional Kitchen apron and cap W4V9542

Kitchen apron and cap

from £1.18
Promotional Kitchen apron and cap W4V9542

(White, Red, Blue)
A high quality at a best price range of manufactured to the highest standards from Non-Woven Cook set, kitchen apron with cook cap, children size with many colours to choose from also with printing services for the best finish on conferences.This gad....
W4V5485 - Promotional Cup and saucer  W4V5485

Cup and saucer

from £1.20
Promotional Cup and saucer W4V5485

To display logo or message on your marketing campaigns flip through a truly unique range involving a fantastic and low cost Cup 100 ml and saucer available in one colour manufactured in Porcelain also with Padprint personalisation techniques.This ....
W4V7570 - Promotional Kitchen mitten W4V7570

Kitchen mitten

from £1.20
Promotional Kitchen mitten W4V7570

(Navy Blue, Red, White/Red)
Obtainable in a diversity of logo printing options to promote your brand on your conferences and with colours an affordable and stylish Kitchen mitten, smooth side perfect for personalization manufactured to the highest of standards from 100% Cotton....
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How no minimum order Promotional Kitchen products with Water4Fish UK affects the price?

Almost every business or business planing conferences on the odd occasion need a small quantity order instead of getting a larger one and would like to have a selection of all options of logo printing options which can be different or be down to one only but frequently the choice is unchanged.

If you need a branding for order in a very small quantity your quote might be a subject to a lump sum due to minimum charge for print and preparation sporadically this makes the single product price not attractive although our list of Kitchen regularly can be sold but that is the reason ( to help you make your mind up ) we always encourage viewing additional range of options for example for bigger quantities order.

To obtain a right quote tailored to fit your needs simply allow us select a decent option simply contact water4fish on 0203 3972 172 or email on info@w4fish.uk.

Personalised items price contains print application price one-off screen charge and solo item price and we have no hidden charge policy and because of that whichever price to pay is supplied to customers their price will not be re-quoted even if the prices increase.