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W4V2794 - Promotional Document clip W4V2794

Document clip

from £0.18
Promotional Document clip W4V2794

(White, Black, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Pink)
Manufactured in Plastic and Metal set which promotes a well-designed Document clip obtainable in a collection of colours also with brand application to promote your brand on marketing campaigns.This merchandise typically is popular among every occu....
W4V9224 - Promotional Paper clip W4V9224

Paper clip

from £0.18
Promotional Paper clip W4V9224

(Navy Blue)
An affordable batch involving an incredible Transparent paper clip made from plastic available in one colour also with logo printing options to carry your logo on your trade shows.This gadget recurrently is suitable for enterprise or line of business....
W4V2806 - Promotional Paper clips holder W4V2806

Paper clips holder

from £0.97
Promotional Paper clips holder W4V2806

(White, Navy Blue)
Crafted in plastic accessible in a collection of standard colours a classical diversity featuring Paper clips holder with magnet and 20 clips and with printing services to promote your brand on trade shows.Branding or stamp should be fit to perfectl....
W4V2774 - Promotional Paperweight W4V2774


from £1.63
Promotional Paperweight W4V2774

Manufactured from ABS and Metal available in one colour a stylish group presenting an affordable Paperweight with magnet and clips in shape of men and with Padprint brand application to display logo or message on your trade shows.Slogan or message ....
Showing all 4 products