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Promotional Rulers & Measure Tapes

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Would you rather go for Rulers & Measure Tapes no minimum order or consider a greater quantity?

Every single concern or enterprise setting a date for conferences occasionally would rather be supplied with a small quantity order instead of going for a larger one and would like to have an opportunity of all options of logo print services which can vary or be not offered at all but normally is unchanged.

If you need a logo application for order in below minimum quantity your order might be a subject to a one-off amount due to minimum charge for print and preparation on occasions this renders your individual price per unit not efficient although our collection of Rulers & Measure Tapes typically can be sold in a small quantity that is why ( to help you come to a final decision ) we encourage to ask for other range of prices such as for greater quantities order.

Simply call water4fish on 0203 3972 172 or email on info@w4fish.uk to be presented with a decent price which is tailored to achieve your needs and allow us discuss a preferable solution.

Generally the given to customers price for branded merchandise amounts to individual item's price one-off screen charge and depending on the type of branding print application price and our company have no hidden charge policy therefore whichever price to pay is supplied to all customers their price can't be modified even after the prices increase.

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