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W4V3922 - Promotional Ear plugs W4V3922

Ear plugs

from £0.21
Promotional Ear plugs W4V3922

(Orange, Yellow, Blue)
An inexpensive selection which offers a truly unique and useful crafted in PU and PP Ear plugs, memory foam, in transparent case with many colours to choose from also with Doming up to 10cm2 brand application to display logo or message on exhibition....
W4V4904 - Promotional Travel eye mask W4V4904

Travel eye mask

from £0.23
Promotional Travel eye mask W4V4904

(Black, Grey)
Available in a group of personalisation techniques to apply your logo on promotional events also with standard colours a super value Travel eye mask crafted in Microfiber.Your brand can be wholly set down this gadget's printing space. This imprint ....
W4V9815 - Promotional Travel set W4V9815

Travel set

from £0.29
Promotional Travel set W4V9815

(White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink)
Created in Microfiber obtainable in a group of colours variety which involves a well-sold Travel set, eye mask, ear plugs and with logo printing options to apply your logo on your trade shows.This item's print area generally is more than the necessa....
W4V3821 - Promotional Foldable hangers W4V3821

Foldable hangers

from £0.78
Promotional Foldable hangers W4V3821

Manufactured from Non-woven and PP available in one colour diversity which offers a top selling Foldable hangers, 2 pcs, in pouch also with logo printing options to carry your logo during promotional actions.This promotional product almost always i....
W4V2652 - Promotional Shoulder bag W4V2652

Shoulder bag

from £0.83
Promotional Shoulder bag W4V2652

(Black, Navy Blue, Red, Orange)
Produced from Non-Woven available in a group of standard colours range of a super value Shoulder bag also with a logo print services to carry your logo during conferences.This item was latterly bought by Lending and Mortgage Brokers together with l....
W4V9906 - Promotional Sewing set W4V9906

Sewing set

from £0.83
Promotional Sewing set W4V9906

(White, Black, Red)
For the best finish during promotional actions take into account a fresh and contemporary selection featuring Sewing set in case with many colours to choose from crafted in ABS and with Padprint personalisation techniques.Logo service or design situ....
W4V8902 - Promotional Travel bag W4V8902

Travel bag

from £1.44
Promotional Travel bag W4V8902

(Black, Navy Blue)
Produced from non woven obtainable in a selection of colours a distinctive range containing a perfect Sports, travel bag, large compartment with reinforced bottom plate and front pocket, carry handles and adjustable shoulder strap also with Screen T....
W4V8418 - Promotional Zipped garment bag W4V8418

Zipped garment bag

from £1.48
Promotional Zipped garment bag W4V8418

(Black, Red, Blue)
An impressive group showing an inexpensive Zipped garment bag manufactured from PEVA available in a mixture of colours also with Screenprint personalisation techniques to apply your logo on promotional events.This item in the past few months was acqu....
W4V0675 - Promotional Travel set, containers W4V0675

Travel set, containers

from £1.54
Promotional Travel set, containers W4V0675

A trendy group presenting a dynamic Travel set in transparent container including 3 spray bottles, pipette, spatula, 2 round containers made from PET and PP availabe in one colour also with Full Colour up to 16cm2 printing services to carry your log....
W4V0729 - Promotional Cosmetic bag W4V0729

Cosmetic bag

from £1.58
Promotional Cosmetic bag W4V0729

(White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue)
A fantastic and useful variety which feature an outstanding manufactured to the highest of standards from EVA Cosmetic bag with zipped main compartment, PVC free with many colours to choose from and with Padprint printing services to promote your bra....
W4V8976 - Promotional Travel set W4V8976

Travel set

from £1.65
Promotional Travel set W4V8976

To carry your logo on your promotional actions select from crafted in PETG must have mixture containing Travel set in transparent container including 2 bottles 100 ml, 2 bottles 50 ml, 2 containers 10 ml, 1 shovel availabe in one colour and with Pad....
W4V7328 - Promotional Water repellent waist bag W4V7328

Water repellent waist bag

from £1.96
Promotional Water repellent waist bag W4V7328

Collection of a magnificent Water repellent waist bag with reflective strips and adjustable elastic band crafted in POM and polyester lycra availabe in one colour and with a logo print services for a final look on your promotional events.This item i....
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Promotional sport and travel bags for gyms and travel agents

How to use travel and sports bags in marketing?

Promoting your company on travel or sport bags is mostly popular among fitness service providers, gyms, spa but also event organisers and companies which want to give away something more elegant, and most of all useful. Selection of bags by Water4Fish with or without personalisation is often browsed by our customers who need promotional products for their corporate events or when planning trade shows or exhibitions. It is a very good idea to stand out with your brand and let your potential clients watch your logo or slogan.

Why are promotional travel and sport bags a good promotional items choice?

Travel and sport bags are just great idea if you have decided to advertise your company among active people who go to the gym regularly, who are often visitors to swimming pools, SPA or those who travel a lot and choose to spend a lot of time outside. Do you need any more enhancement or encouragement in this matter? If you are looking for valuable giveaway for your most trusted and important partners, customised travel bags will be just perfect for the marketing job you are planning.

As all bags in the category there are a lot of purposes and places where they can be used. It is all up to you and what you want to achieve. If your aim is to impress people who are active, this will be a true hit! Customised sport bags are available in different shapes, sizes and colours. Water4Fish is delivering top quality products in many versions, so that we could provide just perfectly fit products for all types of businesses and entrepreneurs. There is also wide choice of colours, so you can be certain that both men and women will be satisfied with them. Travel bags and sport bags with logo are also available in different sizes which determines their prices.

We believe that every client should have extensive choice of products, therefore, we offer some budget products for just casual campaigns and events, but you will also find luxury promotional travel bags which will be over 100 GBP per item. As a manager you know best what type of product you need and who to target with it. If you are looking for some simple stuff in this category you can go for a customised shoe bag or a printed shopping bag which can also be classified as a beach bag because of the waterproof material it is made of. If you don't want to spend heaps of money, but you still want to have a bag in your assortment, consider those practical waist bags which are just great for all travellers. They are not expensive and due to the practical use of the waist bags they can travel around the world and take your logo and slogan for this exciting trip as well.

Here, at Water4Fish, we use different printing techniques to improve your business recognition. You can choose one of the methods we offer. Here are two most popular ones for travel bags and customised sport bags:
screen printing which is the most common and widely used technique.
dye sublimation by means of which you can apply sublimation ink onto product's surface.