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Promotional Xmas Items

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W4F0149 - Promotional Grayson, plush reindeer, pillow W4F0149

Grayson, plush reindeer, pillow

from £4.93
Promotional Grayson, plush reindeer, pillow W4F0149

A magnificent selection presenting a truly unique and useful created in plush Reindeer pillow with cloud for printing purposes available in one colour also with Screen Transfer above 50sq cm personalisation techniques for a final look on your trade s....
W4V9515 - Promotional Christmas bags W4V9515

Christmas bags

from £5.46
Promotional Christmas bags W4V9515

(White, Red, White/Red)
Manufactured from carton and polyester batch which has a great Set of Christmas decoration bags with carry handles offered in a selection of standard colours also with brand application to promote your brand on marketing campaigns.This gadget was a....
W4V7556 - Promotional Fleece blanket W4V7556

Fleece blanket

from £5.49
Promotional Fleece blanket W4V7556

Used material is Polar Fleece 200 g/m2 and Antipilling a truly useful collection containing an attractive Fleece blanket available in one colour and with personalisation techniques to apply your logo on marketing campaigns.This item's print zone in....
W4V5591 - Promotional Nutcracker Reindeer W4V5591

Nutcracker Reindeer

from £9.10
Promotional Nutcracker Reindeer W4V5591

For the best finish during marketing campaigns choose from manufactured to the highest standards from Aluminium a dynamic selection including Deer shaped metal nutcracker in luxurious gift box available in one colour.This promo product in the last f....
W4V5100 - Promotional Exceptional nutcracker reindeer W4V5100

Exceptional nutcracker reindeer

from £11.82
Promotional Exceptional nutcracker reindeer W4V5100

A well-accepted batch which comprises Exceptional nutcracker - reindeer produced from Zinc Alloy available in one colour also with branding techniques to display logo or message during promotional actions.This promo product a short time ago was purch....
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